Poll: Do you use DEVONthink Pro Office’s web sharing?

DEVONthink Pro Office on the iPhoneDEVONthink Pro Office comes with a handy build-in web server that allows you to search your database from other locations, even from an Internet café. As we plan to enhance the web server component I would love to know if you already use the web server, and if yes, how? Do you also use the iPhone applet? Click here to vote.

7 Responses to “Poll: Do you use DEVONthink Pro Office’s web sharing?”

  1. Bruce Williamson says:

    I didn’t even KNOW about this! Sounds like a wonderful feature! As I plan to get an iPhone or iPod touch sometime in the next year or so. Keep up the great design work!

  2. J Henley says:

    Totally unaware of this feature and I’ve been using the software for a long time.

  3. David R. says:

    Tried, but could not configure. I need a good step-b-step set of instructions.

  4. David R. says:

    Thanks, Eric. I have, but they stop short at “configuring my firewall.” I have a pretty basic set-up (Airport Extreme N used as router), but have not been able to get over this hump.

  5. David, this is exactly where Lighthouse comes in. Have a look at it here: http://codelaide.com/blog/products/lighthouse

  6. David R. says:

    Thanks, Eric. For sic. For some reason, this time it clicked (user error for sure). I have now set up the web server and use it to access my database from work, laptop, travel, etc. Much better than syncing the database files with FolderShare. I wish there was more browseability, though. Best regards,