Tuesday Tip: Some useful scripts

I have just posted a couple of new scripts for DEVONthink Pro that can help capture data from Safari and other applications in case that the on-board functionality of DEVONthink Pro is not enough for you. The scripts capture web pages from Safari as screen shots (using Paparazzi), save bookmarks in both DEVONthink Pro and del.icio.us simultaneously, and add formatted text from Safari and other applications to a database. Thanks to Manuela Hoffmann and Patrick Mosby for these useful scripts! Click here for the DEVONthink scripts page.

4 Responses to “Tuesday Tip: Some useful scripts”

  1. Paparazzi 0.4.3 works perfectly on Leopard, only the newer beta version crashes all the time on 10.5.2.


  2. Hey,

    Are those scripts still anywhere? The link above is broken.


  3. @ Tobias Müller: Please check the built-in Support Assistant that houses all additional scripts currently available directly from us.