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Tuesday Tip: Download folder location has gone bad

DEVONagent uses the default download folder location as defined by Safari on Mac OS X 10.5. However, especially when you have been using Mac OS X since it’s beginning, some old Internet Config preferences may override newer settings in Safari. So, you might have to delete DEVONagent’s preferences (com.devon-technologies.agent.plist) and/or the Internet Config preferences (, located in ~/Library/Preferences or /Library/Preferences. Afterwards DEVONagent should by default download to the folder ~/Downloads on Mac OS X 10.5, or to the folder ~/Desktop...

DEVONthink Pro Office in Action

Bill Carroll of OpenSignals has published two excellent screencasts on how he uses DEVONthink Pro Office together with a Fujitsu ScanSnap S510M as well as LaunchBar and Knox for Mac. I’ve created a couple of videos about DEVONthink Pro Office, and I’m going to share them with you here. If you don’t have a Mac, the software in the videos just might convince you to make the switch. Download and watch the screencasts here. Thank you very much for these...

Tuesday Tip: Put your database onto your iDisk

If you need to access your DEVONthink Pro Office database from multiple locations, the iDisk is a perfect place for it. First make sure to switch your iDisk to sync mode (System Preferences > .mac > iDisk sync) and enable ‘automatic’ synchronization. This let your Mac(s) keep a local copy of the iDisk’s content for much higher performance. Copy your database to, e.g., the Documents folder on your iDisk and use it from there. You now only have to make to keep...

DEVONagent saving a guppy’s life

Today I had a success experience with DEVONagent that nicely shows where our software really shines, and so I wanted to share it with you. We have an aquarium now for a couple of weeks and three days ago a few of our fishes began to first show signs of “eaten” fins, then they died. Therefore I used DEVONagent today to find out what is wrong with them. Both our pet shop guy and our booklets had their suspections but,...

Eric, live on Inside Mac Radio

Scott Sheppard of Inside Mac Radio did a telephone interview with me last week for their weekly podcast and published it last Saturday. If you’re interested to hear me struggling with the attempt to summarize our product line in ten minutes — and in English! — click here to subscribe to it with iTunes. You can find the interview with me in the episode of April 12th, 2008, starting at 19 min 10 secs.

Tuesday Tip: Using Spotlight to link to DEVONthink

For compatibility with the file-based Spotlight, DEVONthink writes thousands of proxy files into a cache folder. As long as you don’t rebuilt this cache, you can use these proxy files for linking to documents inside your DEVONthink database from other applications, for example OmniFocus. First do a Spotlight search for the document that you want to link to, then drag this file to your OmniFocus task or create a link to it in whatever application you’re using. Thank you, Peter,..., RSS, and DEVONthink

C. Wess Daniels writes on his blog Gathering in Light about how he uses for his bookmarks. He explains how one can use RSS to subscribe to tags on and how he finally archives interesting pages in DEVONthink using the bookmarklets that come with it on the disk image. Read his article here.

Desktop Transporter Unlimited Pack

Just a quick note that we offer a world-wide license for Desktop Transporter for US$ 199.95 now, which may be interesting, e.g., for schools and other larger organizations that need to control many Macs from one central location. Read the news.

Tuesday Tip: Fun way to search DTPO

DEVONthink Pro Office power user b.3 has discovered a nice way of searching his database directly from Launchbar. He uses the embedded web server and directly searches the database by passing a pre-constructed URL. See his posting in our user forum. Thank you for this power tip, b.3.

Watch all your Macs from one spot

Just a quick note that we have posted version 2.6 of our remote desktop application Desktop Transporter. So if you want to manage or watch all your Mac from one location, this is what you need. Read more about it on our News page.