Bill in Custody

Bill’s pet alligatorJust a quick note in case that you’re waiting for email replies from our support guru Bill. On a short holiday in his old home, Louisiana, Bill got arrested, unfortunately. He just wanted to go and buy some cigarettes and so he bound his pet alligator to a hydrant in front of the shop. Fortune wasn’t on his side when the local police noticed this. According to New Orleans city law it’s forbidden to chain alligators to hydrants. Bill, Bill, … why didn’t you just use the street lamp just two meters next to the hydrant? We’re doing our best to get Bill out of custody as quickly as possible and we’ll keep you posted.

Update: Some hard negotiations with the New Orleans city police and we got Bill on the loose again. But we had to give a not-to-be-disclosed number of DEVONthink Pro Office licenses as well as a brand new ScanSnap for their office. So, all is well again here *smile*

6 Responses to “Bill in Custody”

  1. Johannes says:

    Don’t worry. I just talked to the Head of the Louisiana police office. He is willing to release Bill, if DEVONtechnologies agrees to hand over the secret plans for DTP 2.0


  2. Wess says:

    I heard it wasn’t that big of a deal until the alligator started to urinate on the hydrant and that’s what pushed it over the edge.

  3. marc margolies says:

    i think it is disgusting to mistreat alligators even in a state like louisiana where it’s legal to marry your sister!

  4. kalisphoenix says:


  5. @kalisphoenix, a hint: This article was posted on April 1 🙂

  6. kalisphoenix says:

    Heh. Damn. The only April Fool’s trick that got me all day.