Tuesday Tip: Put your database onto your iDisk

DEVONthink database on iDiskIf you need to access your DEVONthink Pro Office database from multiple locations, the iDisk is a perfect place for it. First make sure to switch your iDisk to sync mode (System Preferences > .mac > iDisk sync) and enable ‘automatic’ synchronization. This let your Mac(s) keep a local copy of the iDisk’s content for much higher performance. Copy your database to, e.g., the Documents folder on your iDisk and use it from there.

You now only have to make to keep the real iDisk synchronized to your local copy. While the Finder does this automatically in certain intervals, it’s definitely advisable to also trigger synchronization manually before you leave your Mac. In the Finder, click the double arrows next to the iDisk’s name in the side bar to start the synchronization and don’t log out or switch off before the Finder is done. You can find more about the iDisk and iDisk sync’ing in the online help of System Preferences.

6 Responses to “Tuesday Tip: Put your database onto your iDisk”

  1. writingstudio says:

    Perfect timing! Just bought an MBA. 🙂

    One question: How does DTPO handle indexed PDFs when I’m using the iDisk version on the non-main computer?

  2. Farfield says:

    Fantastic tip! I just purchased a .Mac account this week, so I will immediately follow your advice!

  3. Zabameos says:

    If the database is large (say 500Mb, many pdfs!) would the whole database be over written everytime a small change is made in it? That would make the iDisk approach unusuable.
    Many thanks!

  4. If everything goes right, only the changed file(s) should get uploaded, e.g. the updated PDF as well as all database index files.

  5. Ken says:

    Does the database need to be closed to allow i-disk to sync ? I tend to be using my DTPO database all of the time and keep it open. Will the i-disk sync fail under such circumstances ?


  6. @Ken: At the moment, databases cannot be opened from more than one instance of DEVONthink at the same time. So, if you want to access your database also from another machine you need to close it on the other one. And yes, if you keep it open during the final sync this may lead to inconsistencies.