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DEVONthink 2.0 development status

A few people, especially on the user forum, are already waiting for DEVONthink 2.0, the next major release of our DEVONthink product line. One of the main new features being the ability to open multiple databases at the same time, we want to add a few more things before we’re actually releasing it to the public. We have, however, already shared a few bits of information about what will be in DEVONthink 2.0 on the forum. To give you a...

Some American culture in Germany

As the President of a US company I just had to visit our local copy of an American Wild West festival. For a couple of days wanna-be cowboys and indians lived in tents, worked in small craft shops, operated a stylish saloon — and had a lot of fun! Click the image to the left to see the Swabian/German/English menu 🙂

PayPal seems to be partly broken

It seems that PayPal has some problems at the moment, so if you are trying to order via PayPal and it doesn’t work for you, please have a look at this article.

Tuesday Tip: Batch convert PDFs with OCR

If you want to import a batch of scanned PDFs without converting them to searchable PDFs right away, e.g. because you want to run the time-consuming OCR process later, you can easily do so. Import the files, e.g. to a group ‘To OCR’. Later, make sure to check Preferences > OCR > Original Document > Move to Trash, select all the documents, and convert them in one batch using ‘Data > Convert > to searchable PDF’. This replaces the selected...

Tuesday Tip: Drop box database

If you’re often collecting ‘stuff’ that you want to file in one or multiple of your DEVONthink Pro databases, e.g. when you’re on the road with your laptop, consider either using a folder on your Desktop as a ‘drop box’ or create create a lightweight ‘drop box database’ that you can keep open all the time — which approach you use depends on your personal usage style. Later, when you’ve got time to file the documents, add them to your...

Tuesday Tip: Use the language filter

If you are searching with DEVONagent you may get results in multiple languages because especially technical terms are often the same in English, German, even French. To avoid confusing both yourself and DEVONagent’s AI with [insert whatever language you don’t understand here] gibberish, use the built-in language filter. Maximize the search window so that the toolbar is visible, then click the Settings button to open the settings drawer. Select your language of choice from the pop-up menu to restrict searched...

Off for a few days ’til May 20

Just a quick note that our head office (that’s basically: me) in Stuttgart, Germany, is closed from May 10 through May 20 for a spring vacation at the sunny Costa Brava, Spain. I will not read my personal email at the beach (I wouldn’t even do this when I already had my iPhone) or be available via iChat, but, of course, customer support as well as our online forum are not affected by me getting lost in the south.

Attention! OCR in DEVONthink Pro Office 1.5.2 broken

As it seems the latest update to DEVONthink Pro Office 1.5.2 creates garbage with Set Attributes switched on. We’re already working on this problem. This does not affect scanning or any other functionality of the application. As a first workaround, disable Set Attributes in Preferences > OCR. We’ll post an update soon and keep you posted. The problem resulted from a bad PDF written by the OCR engine that confused the PDF framework of Mac OS X. The PDF looks...

DEVONthink Pro Office is scanning again

As many of you have noticed, scanning support was broken on Mac OS X 10.5 ‘Leopard’. We had a many talks with Apple regarding this issue but it seems that this bug is not considered critical in the eyes of Apple’s system software department. So, we stepped back from using Image Capture and moved on to ExactScan from the Berlin-based scanner driver maker ExactCode. This not only brings back flatbed scanning to DEVONthink Pro Office but also adds support for...

Tuesday Tip: Roman numerals

If you like using roman numerals for naming items, you may not be satisfied with Mac OS X’s ability to sort tem correctly. Our power user ‘kalisphoenix’ has posted a nice workaround in our online forum that uses Unicode characters, each one representing one roman numeral. You can easily copy the numerals from the posting and paste it wherever you need them. Click here to read his posting.