Attention! OCR in DEVONthink Pro Office 1.5.2 broken

As it seems the latest update to DEVONthink Pro Office 1.5.2 creates garbage with Set Attributes switched on. We’re already working on this problem. This does not affect scanning or any other functionality of the application. As a first workaround, disable Set Attributes in Preferences > OCR. We’ll post an update soon and keep you posted.

The problem resulted from a bad PDF written by the OCR engine that confused the PDF framework of Mac OS X. The PDF looks good until one changes something like setting the PDF attributes or adding an annotation in Preview. We have reverted to the last stable version of the OCR engine and posted an update to our Download page, DEVONthink Pro Office, that should also become availabe via the automatic update function. If you have already used OCR in DEVONthink Pro Office 1.5.2, please simply convert these PDFs again using ‘Data > Convert > to searchable PDF’.