Some American culture in Germany

Have a hamburger at Big Mama\'s French KitchenAs the President of a US company I just had to visit our local copy of an American Wild West festival. For a couple of days wanna-be cowboys and indians lived in tents, worked in small craft shops, operated a stylish saloon — and had a lot of fun! Click the image to the left to see the Swabian/German/English menu 🙂

2 Responses to “Some American culture in Germany”

  1. That brought back old memories of mine. My mother is from the Hamburg/Harburg area and I can remember as a small child going to “Wild West” outdoor shows somewhere in the outer reaches of Hamburg. It’s been my experience that Germans are, for some unknown reason, frequently enthralled with the old American West “Cowboys and Indians” theme. Great picture!

  2. Eric says:

    Maybe it’s due to the popularity of Karl May’s Winnetou books in Germany? And we and our bairns really enjoy these kinds of events.