Tuesday Tip: Drop box database

If you’re often collecting ‘stuff’ that you want to file in one or multiple of your DEVONthink Pro databases, e.g. when you’re on the road with your laptop, consider either using a folder on your Desktop as a ‘drop box’ or create create a lightweight ‘drop box database’ that you can keep open all the time — which approach you use depends on your personal usage style. Later, when you’ve got time to file the documents, add them to your main database(s). If you’re using a drop box database, export them to your Desktop first, of course.

2 Responses to “Tuesday Tip: Drop box database”

  1. Ian Parker says:

    Alternatively, you can also use an online drop box (I use Dropbox http://getdropbox.com/ which is still currently in beta, however) for your main database. The beauty of this method is that the database is available from any of the computer clients that have access to the online drop box (in my case, two laptops and three desktops – platforms of Mac OS X, Windows XP, and Windows Vista).

    The other nice feature is that, in the case of Dropbox, the files stored there are handled with a version control system as well, so should a database become corrupt or damaged, you can recover older versions. Dropbox also has features that allow you to recover accidentally deleted files. Overall, DEVONThink Pro and Dropbox make a great combination for information accessibility from anywhere in the world.

    Also of note is that Dropbox keeps a synced copy of the files on each of the clients as well as online, so no matter where you are, you have a copy of the database to work from. If you cannot get online, it doesn’t matter. It will simply sync the database with the other copies the next time you have an Internet connection.

  2. matt davis says:

    Ian, thanks for the heads up on Dropbox. That’s heaven-sent for those of us who are constantly shuttling files back and forth between Windows work computers and Macs at home.