Buy now and get DEVONthink 2.0 for free

Good news always comes in pairs! Firstly, we have opened the grace period for DEVONthink 2.0 and DEVONnote 2.0. Starting as of July 1st, 2008, everyone who buys licenses (or upgrades) for DEVONthink Personal, Pro, Pro Office, or DEVONnote will be eligible for free upgrades to version 2.0 when it is released later this year. A regularly updated thread on the progress on version 2.0 can be found in DEVONtechnologies user forum. For all other users who have purchased DEVONthink or DEVONnote before the grace period, we will, of course, have reasonable upgrade prices.

And secondly, exclusively on July 1st and 2nd, 2008, we give a 25 percent discount to everyone who buys DEVONthink or DEVONnote in our great summer deal! So if you’ve been reluctant to jump on the DEVONthink bandwagon with version 2.0 on the horizon, there’s no more reason to wait any longer. This offer is also valid for all upgrades, e.g. from DEVONthink Personal to Pro or Pro Office.

46 Responses to “Buy now and get DEVONthink 2.0 for free”

  1. Chris says:

    These deals aren’t for upgrades (eg Personal to Office) are they?

  2. Eric says:

    Yes, they are. All upgrades have been temporarily adjusted, too (will add this to my posting.)

  3. Ziv Kitaro says:

    How about all of us old users of Pro office? any bone throne over to us for some cool upgrade?

  4. Ayodh says:

    I have devonthink pro 1.5. If /i ugrade to pro office, will I get 2.0 free?

  5. Eric says:

    @Ziv: As said in the news, there will be a reasonable upgrade pricing. Please not that we have never charged for an update in the last two years 🙂

    @Ayodh: No, the free upgrades are for new purchases only.

  6. Matt says:

    Can I combine the summer deal with my student discount? (Probably not, but I have to ask!)

  7. Eric says:

    @Matt: No, discounts cannot be combined, I am afraid.

  8. Ziv Kitaro says:

    @Eric: you are right, I purchased Pro office when it came out, forgot it wasn’t a version upgrade but an application upgrade.
    #$@#$@ you Devonians for making good, useful application

  9. BGT says:

    I’m so excited ! “Vite, vite la version 2” as we say in french !

  10. Ben says:

    Any guess as to the timeframe for 2.0? and the (upgrade) cost? priceless, right? 🙂

  11. Richard Chuo says:

    What about the upgrade price for DEVONthink Pro 1.5.x to DEVONthink Pro 2?

  12. Eric says:

    @Ben, @Richard: We’ll announce upgrade prices as soon as we have them fixed. But, as you know us, they’ll be very reasonable.

  13. Kraig Parkinson says:

    Wow, I feel crappy. I just bought DTPO and DN last week.

    Happy birthday to me.

  14. Eric says:

    Addition (after some thinking it through): Upgrades purchased within the grace period are also eligible for a fre 2.0 upgrade.

  15. Jens says:

    @Eric: great news – thank you!

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  17. pat says:

    As a longtime user of DT who used to scan the forum years ago for hints of the 2.0 release, I’ve noticed that version 2.0 has been coming “later this year” for several years now… wake me when something happens.

  18. michaeln says:

    Fantastic! I really look forward to this.

  19. matt davis says:

    “Wow, I feel crappy. I just bought DTPO and DN last week.”

    You think YOU feel crappy? I saw the “Firstly, we have opened the grace period for DEVONthink 2.0 and DEVONnote 2.0” part, went and bought, and came back to discover I was FOUR HOURS too early.

    Eric, don’t say the grace period’s open when you mean “it opens tomorrow.”

  20. Eric says:

    @Matt: Whence do you know that the grace period does not apply to you? And I stated clearly in the posting “Starting July 1st, 2008”, BTW.

  21. Ben says:

    @matt davis: check your receipt (if you saved/printed the PDF). Even though I “technically” puchased “last night” (as in June 30), for reasons that i assume are due to time zone differences (i.e. germany is quite a bit later), my invoice is dated July 1. I cant imagine this will be a problem.

    @Eric: are you in CD’A? (i used to live in Poky, which will only mean something if you are in CD’A) 🙂

  22. Eric says:

    @Ben: No, personally I live in Stuttgart, Germany, EU. But I am the world’s first virtual Idaho hick ™

  23. Ben says:


    so what is the Idaho association/link?

    (and am i right about the timezone thing and my purchase/upgrade?)

  24. matt davis says:

    I hadn’t been sure what time zone applied. I’d assumed it was MN, since that’s where the fulfillment place was based. But no, I’m in the clear. Woo-hoo!

  25. Ben says:

    @matt – i figured since the discounts didn’t start until July 1, that once they were announced, it must be July 1 somewhere. and sure enough, my receipt is dated July 1. I’ve been meaning to dive into DT-Pro for a while now, no time like the present…

  26. Eric says:

    @Ben: Our company is officially based in Coeur d’Alene, ID, and we maintain an office there, right at the waterfront.

  27. Ryan Briggs says:

    @matt I just bought an upgrade to DTPO from DTP and got a student discount and the 25% discount. It is a great deal, as it includes the upgrade price to v2.

  28. M says:

    I tried ordering my upgrade to the Infoworker’s Pro Office bundle, but the orders failed. I tried using PayPal and my credit card a few times, but to me there seems to be some kind of issue with the payment processing. However, I do know that my PayPal account is working well since I used it on another site a couple of days ago without any issues.

    Since this deal has moved me from “don’t buy now” to “definitely buy now”, would you please consider extending it till Friday? That would really help!!!

    I’m sure a lot of people would appreciate a short extension of this offer as well.

    One more comment – your payment processing and email support need to be more prompt to prevent people from missing out on such offers because of technical issues with order processing.


  29. Eric says:

    @M: Have you given Share-It, the company that runs the shop, a simple phone call and asked what the problem with the payment was so that we can track down this issue? Also, please send me an email (see contact page). — The processing of the credit card should take immediately, at least it did every time I checked it, and our email support also replies promptly, but please be aware that even we need to have 6 hours of sleep every 24 hours 🙂

  30. M says:

    Thanks for your response. I wasn’t able to call them immediately. However, I’m happy to report that I was able to buy it a few hours ago through PayPal – I did make sure that I was already logged into my PayPal account (in a different browser tab). Maybe that made a difference – not sure though.

    I’m assuming that your email support for orders is separately handled by Share-It and that you don’t get to see those emails. In my experience, I haven’t seen prompt human replies from Share-It during US working hours.

    Related to the above, I do have one more suggestion – could you please mention the timings for order support? Although the Share-It FAQs mention the US and Europe numbers, there’s no information about the timings (or is it 24/7?).


  31. Eric says:

    @M: Yes, support messages to the shop staff are handled by Share-It, messages to support -at- are handled by us. Generally Share-It operates within the usual US and EU business hours but I am already talking to them about recent processing issues.

  32. DavidG says:

    Dear Eric,
    Will devonthinkpro office 2 be OK under Tiger? I am happy with it and don’t plan to upgrade.

  33. DavidG says:

    Eric, will Devonthink Pro Office 2 run under Tiger? My Tiger is purring and I don’t plan to upgrade, but would love to upgrade to v.2 of DTPO.

  34. B.M. says:

    The original blog entry plus the first 5 response posts really confused me about upgrades. So, to avoid any surprises, I reckoned I’d just wait until 2.0 came out before opening my wallet, and that way I knew I would have to make a purchase only once(~$70 I guessed).

    Then Eric readdressed in post #14 what I think applies to me (I want to go from Pro to Office.)

    Now I feel more assured that I wouldn’t be penalized for adopting Office “early” just before it was re-versioned.

    But now I don’t know about this grace period – are we still in it? Is it on until the release?

  35. ericdano says:

    So, are we going to have to pay to get DevonThink Pro Office to scan again? It doesn’t work at all under 10.5….and it seems it never will…..

  36. Eric says:

    @ericdano: Yes, you will. Have you read my last post on scanning?

    @B.M.: As posted here, every purchase of DEVONthink from now on will give you a free upgrade to 2.0. The grace period is open until 2.0 is out.

    @DavidG: Yes, DEVONthink 2.0 will be Leopard-only. Sorry.

  37. ericdano says:

    No, where would these posts on scanning be? The last blog post said something like soon, and that bundled software thing does not work at all. Someone from ExactCode briefly emailed me about it, but I have never heard anything back.

    Basically, scanning still does not work……

  38. dlangendorf says:

    pretty please. when will devonthink 2.0 be released. to be honest, we’re tired of waiting, of trying out other programs but feeling the pull back to devonthink. loyalty is one thing. but you’re driving us to drink. at least let us help with a beta. pretty please.

  39. Eric says:

    @ericdano: The post said that the bundled scan software works withany scanner that comes with a proper TWAIN driver (but does not e.g. with Epson scanners that have non-standard TWAIN drivers) and that we’ll re-introduce our own scan plugin now that Apple has finally told us WHAT they changed. Please allows us to beta-test the plugin before we release it to you.

    @dlangendorf: Please keep an eye on our Announcement board, we’ll post all information as soon as it becomes available.

  40. harringg says:


    I’m trying the demo of DTPO in 10.5.4 and had no problems scanning/OCR (CanoScan LIDE 90). Actually OCR is now a reason I’m planning on upgrading to DTPO from DTP.

    Sorry for being dense, but if I upgrade to DTPO ($70) today, 7/9/08, I will get a DTPO 2.0 upgrade for free? Yes/No?


  41. Eric says:

    @harringg: Yes. See: “Starting as of July 1st, 2008, everyone who buys licenses (or upgrades) for DEVONthink Personal, Pro, Pro Office, or DEVONnote will be eligible for free upgrades to version 2.0 when it is released later this year.” 🙂

  42. harringg says:

    Just upgraded. 🙂 I was looking at it for the email feature, but have been using the Scan/OCR all day. Looking forward to v2

  43. nyres says:

    I’m looking for some basic training (paid) on Devon Pro Office apps. I’m in NYC and on site would be best, but I’d take speakerphone to speakerphone. Get in touch if interested, would love to get up to speed quickly. Thanks

  44. Eric says:

    @nyres: Have you had a look at our consultants page?

  45. Eckius says:

    I have taken good notice of the positive answer given to harringg (see 41). It must be noted, however, that under 4 Ayodh asked exactly the same thing; and in his case the answer was “no” (see 5).

  46. Eric says:

    @Eckius: Yes, we have changed our position after the first few enquiries as we got many questions of the same kind. We simply didn’t think about this first. Sorry for this. Our final position is that that upgrades are also purchases and so give you a free upgrade to 2.0.