Poll: Do you use an iPhone or smartphone?

With all the buzz about the old and new iPhone as well as other smartphones and the the still-existing Palm devices, I wonder how many of you are actually using them for more than just a super-calender, address book, and mobile web browser? Do you take notes, make outlines, even store files on them like on a USB stick? Vote here.

6 Responses to “Poll: Do you use an iPhone or smartphone?”

  1. Dirk Spiers says:

    Used to have several Treo’s, but got fed up with Palm’s lack of quality and arrogance. Used a Blackberry for a while, but not enough nice applications available for the BB platform (not like the Palm OS).

    Since 11 months a unlocked and jailbroken iPhone. Many things missing (like Spotlight search, to do synch, cut and paste, etc), but so far the best phone experience ever. Will only get better with new applications.

  2. Michael Kazlow says:

    I’ve stuck to my trusty Newton 2000 with some Silverware software on it. Its integrated calendar, address book, to do list, call logging combination still cannot be beat by anything I’ve seen. I take notes for meetings on it, have financial and health information on it. I still use an hp calculator clone and a spreadsheet for one time uses. I used to use a database on it, but since backup has become an issue, I don’t do that anymore. However, in the 12 years I used it, the only time I lost data was when a nephew took at the memory card, when the Newton was still on.

    I’d by another in an instant.

  3. Victor Liew says:

    Yes I take information etc on my ancient Psion.

    What I need is an excellent flat database application like that found in the Psion of the HP Lx series.

    Does a smartphone or PDA replace a laptop or PC? No. And I think it would be a mistake to think otherwise.

    IMHO a smartphone has to incorporate the ability to carry information around easily. If it can be synched with the PC – better till.


  4. oli says:

    I moved from the combination of Palm plus Mobile phone to an M$ Smartphone to get rid of caring 2 devices around. I have a additional Mobile phone for business purpose – so there where 3 devices at all. The decision to use a M$ Smartphone was simply about the Outlook sync a defiantly need! I don’t like the Nokia stuff at all and Psion was outdated that time already.
    Now after 2 years being (more or less) happy with my XDA Neo, I was at the point to get a newer, faster device. I was looking into the M$ Mobile corner as well as into the upcoming iPhone. I was staying with M$ using a Touch Cruise device now and I’m still happy – even after I saw the new iPhone and the new features about it. Why? Because:
    – I can install application I like
    – I can use any mobile network I want to
    – I can exchange my battery
    – I can sync my Outlook completely (Addresses, Calendar, eMail)
    – No one is looking at me like a I’m a Millionaire or a Porsche driving whatever – just because of I’m having a iPhone!
    Honestly – the iPhone is leading edge in terms of design and usability. But the politics of Apple sucks! It is simply a phone! And as I do not wand to be depended to M$ – I don’t want to be depended to Apple neither!

  5. Steve says:

    Really looking forward to the devonthink applications for ipad and iphone. I think this idea for data management could rival westlaw if done in the right way. Please let me know when the ipad/iphone technologies are ready for use!!!

  6. Susan Martin says:

    I am using the Iphone and it suited me because it fulfill my requirements..