Tuesday Tip: Quickly name your documents

Naming the documents that you put into your DEVONthink database can be a science or even an art in itself. Some prefer to use some systematics, other precede the documents with the current date (something I used to do but have long abandoned) , and even others simply try to describe the contents of the file. For most documents, however, a good name is already there: the headline of the captured article. To quickly rename the document, select the headline or whatever text passage you would like to use, right-click or Control-click, and choose ‘Set Title As’ from the contextual menu.

If you’re seldomly browsing your database group by group but mainly use the search function for navigation, you could think about not naming your documents at all but, e.g., simply use the name given to it by the scanner. With the built-in OCR of DEVONthink Pro Office the full text of the document is available for searching anyway so you will find it regardless f its name is ‘BoA funds pay-back June 2008’ or just ‘20080614-141306.pdf’ (especially as you can be sure that you have named all similar letters differently over time).

5 Responses to “Tuesday Tip: Quickly name your documents”

  1. Ludo says:

    Smart one. Though I knew most tricks already but this is really helpful…Thanks.

  2. Mike says:

    The name of the document would be an order of magnitude more important if DT treated it as important. Academics know the title of the paper is the entry point, and smart academics craft a title that is packed with meaning. If DT’s search engine gave the option of *weighting* certain information (like title, or folder) then I would make sure that, when I entered it into the system, it reflected how I *think* about it. As is, to DT, such information is, well, academic.

  3. darwin says:

    Cool, I didn´t know that.Helps a lot.

    Does it change the name in the root, or do I have to use the “Pfad & URL” script “Dateien und Ordner umbenennen” still. (Sorry, don´t know the english names)

  4. Eric says:

    @darwin: No, it does only change the internal name, not the file name. Version 2.0 will also change the file name in the file system (already working in our alpha version here).

  5. Maak says:

    for keyboard shortcut fans, you can alt-tab to change the focus and use the return key for quick renaming … but you already knew that, right?