Tuesday Tip: Connect to unsupported scanners

DEVONthink Pro Office 1.5.3 supports scanning through both Image Capture and TWAIN drivers (via the embedded ExactScan Capture software). However, quite a few scanners come with no Mac driver of whatever nature. If you own such a scanner, e.g., from your long forgotten Windows days, you could give SANE a try. Popular on Linux, SANE (“Scanner Access Now Easy”) is a framework that comes with a large number of drivers for popular flatbed and document scanners. If you scanner is listed on the supported devices list, you need to install a number of packages that you can all find on Mattias Ellert’s TWAIN SANE Interface page:

  1. The SANE backends
  2. The TWAIN SANE interface
  3. Two libraries: libusb and gettext
  4. Optional: SANE Preferences Pane

The TWAIN SANE Interface ‘translates’ the data delivered by SANE to the Mac OS X scan methods so that both Image Capture and DEVONthink Pro Office can access the scanner connected through the SANE driver. Read more about how to install and use SANE as well as the SANE TWAIN Interface on Mattias Ellert’s homepage.

One Response to “Tuesday Tip: Connect to unsupported scanners”

  1. ericdano says:

    Wow, now my Epson CX6600 scanner works under 10.5. Woohoo!