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Web Tip: Managing acquired information

Dan Byler writes in his blog about how to manage information in an information age. Definitely worth reading when you’re an infoworker like we are.

Tuesday Tip: Using DEVONthink Pro as a Web browser

While DEVONthink Pro was designed primarily as a document and information database, its integrated Web browsing capabilities can also make it a convenient Web browser for some. If you would like to open an Web page in DEVONthink Pro without the need to add the URL as a link document to your database, you can download this helper page and import it to your database. Important: Lock it so that you don’t accidently alter it (select the document, choose Tools > Show...

Tuesday Tip: Using Markdown in DEVONthink Pro

Some writers swear on using Markdown for formatting their documents. DEVONthink Pro imports Markdown-styled text files but does not preview the formatting. Our forum user ‘Ovidius’ has created a preview script that uses an installed Markdown engine to create a preview of a text file containing Markdown tags and open it in your default Web browser. You can find his script in our user forum. Thank you, Ovidius!

Head Office closed until September 3rd, 2008

Just a quick note that our head office in Stuttgart, Germany, is closed from August 19th through September 3rd for our summer vacation. This year we’ll combine fun with business and after a trip to the Windy City (Chigaco, IL, USA) and a bit up along the Lake Michigan we’ll visit our support hero Bill DeVille in his lovely log cabin down in Brown County, Indiana. So, in the next two weeks I may read my personal email on my...

Web Tip: Would a Paperless Life Make You Happy?

Hugo of Streamlined Mind asks his readers if a paperless life would make you happier: First of all it’s a good idea to eliminate as much of the incoming paper as possible. Let’s take some time to make a list of all sources of paper sent to us. Bills, obligations and notices, promotional material, things like that. Do we really need them? Do we read all that stuff? […] Do you think you can have a paperless life? A great question...

Tuesday Tip: Archive feeds from NetNewsWire

If you’re reading your news not in Mac OS X 10.5’s but in NetNewsWire, you may also already use the scripts that we provide with DEVONthink Pro to import selected or flagged news. Power user Dan Byler has extended these scripts so that they save selected feeds or folders of feeds as web archives with a number of options. Read more about the script on Dan’s homepage and download it there. Thank you, Dan!

Tuesday Tip: Using the Folder Actions

By using so-called folder actions you can add almost any functionality to folders including scripts that interact with DEVONthink Pro (Office). So, creating a ‘drop box’ folder that automagically imports all files that you drop into it, is easy: Create a folder on your Desktop and name it, e.g., ‘DEVONthink Inbox’ Locate the DEVONthink Pro (Office) disk image and mount it Open the folder Extras/Scripts/Folder Actions Copy both scripts to your hard disk, ~/Library/Scripts/Folder Action Scripts/ Select the folder in...