Tuesday Tip: Using Markdown in DEVONthink Pro

Some writers swear on using Markdown for formatting their documents. DEVONthink Pro imports Markdown-styled text files but does not preview the formatting. Our forum user ‘Ovidius’ has created a preview script that uses an installed Markdown engine to create a preview of a text file containing Markdown tags and open it in your default Web browser. You can find his script in our user forum. Thank you, Ovidius!

5 Responses to “Tuesday Tip: Using Markdown in DEVONthink Pro”

  1. Rogério Farias says:

    Dear President, I would like to make one suggestion for your next devonthink release: PLEASE create some kind of gimmick to insert xls files along with PDFs and RTFs. I always have a tought time with tables in the RTFs files. Every time I copy one from Word or Excel is the same tragic outcome: twisted and unformated tables. I look forward to hear news in this particular matter.

  2. Eric says:

    DEVONthink 2.0 will allow you to add Excel files to the database, view, and search them.

  3. Dan McCollister says:

    Thanks for this post. I’ve begun using Markdown with a couple of note programs on the iPod Touch. It seems to me that Markdown could work wonderfully if supported by Devonthink Pro in a manner similar to the current support of HTML: one could either see the preview right in DevonThink or switch to the source text for writing/editing.

    How wonderful if all my notes and drafts in DT would be well-formatted for later reading with no effort! And later edited, if desired, just as easily.

    Meanwhile, I’ve started using BBEdit in conjunction with DevonThink for its dynamic preview of docs I’m editing. I’ll try the Ovidus’s script, I guess, for reading longer docs I’ve already written, but it’s really not so desirable.

  4. Jeff Porter says:

    Having a preview is handy, but inline syntax highlighting would be much more useful, implemented in much the same way as many pure Markdown editors, such as Byword, MMD Composer and Ulysses.

    Is that kind of feature planned for future releases?

  5. eboehnisch says:

    We generally don’t talk too in-depth about our future plans. But we are always thankful for suggestions like yours and might implement them at a future point in time.