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OnEarth about a Paperless Life

Alan Burdick has written an amusing essay about the transition to a truly paperless life (and his use for DEVONthink Pro Office): I’ve gone paperless. First I bought that expensive, superfast scanner that all the productivity blogs are raving about; you can feed documents into it by the fistful. Then I bought that expensive software program that converts all those scanned documents into PDF files, runs some optical character-recognition magic on them, and digitally archives every word in a massively...

Discussion: Your documents, up in the clouds?

There’s a lot of discussion about ‘cloud computing’ and storing your data ‘in the clouds’. Some new applications are based on this paradigm and are either built ‘in the cloud’ or use a servers cluster for synchronizing multiple clients and for giving web access to your data. While we clearly see the necessity for synchronizing a database between two or more Macs and maybe iPhones, we’re still unsure about what implications full web access to your documents has. My top...

Maintenance updates

Just a quick note that we have published maintenance updates for all editions of DEVONthink as well as for DEVONnote. You can find all details on our news page as well as in our newsletter.

Tuesday Tip: AI, at your service

The features that clearly sets DEVONthink apart from all other information managers is its built-in artificial intelligence. The AI, on which the whole database engine is based, can do tasks for you that you would otherwise have to do yourself, e.g. find the best place to file a document. Mark Shead of Productivity 501 has made a great video (thank you!) and you can find another tutorial in our DEVONacademy. Besides classifying documents the AI engine can also find documents...

IT Enquirer about DEVONthink

Erik Vlietinck of IT Enquirer has recently reviewed DEVONthink Pro Office and nominated it as an Editor’s Pick. In fact, DEVONthink Pro Office lets you do things to your data no other information manager has support for, resulting in you finding information you didn’t know was there in the first place. Isn’t that what information managers were designed for in the first place? Read the full review on the IT Enquirer web site.

Back from the States, and some insight

As I had posted here before my vacation, we were not just visiting Chicago, IL, and the wonderful Lake Michigan in the last three weeks, but we also invaded Bill DeVille’s log cabin. We spend a wonderful and relaxing week with literally tons of great barbecue. Staying miles away from any civilization somewhere the Indiana forest has … challenges to it … but we mastered. And, I finally found out why we only get good marks for our customer support...

Mac OS X 10.5.5 breaks email import

If you have already upgraded to Mac OS X 10.5.5 and tried to import email messages you may have already noticed that choosing the ‘Message > Add to DEVONthink Pro Office’ menu command in Apple Mail crashes the application. It seems that Apple has changed some internas that we use for our plugin. We’re already investigating this issue and we will publish a fix as soon as possible.

Tuesday Tip: Enter a quick note, really quickly

If you want to enter a quick note into your DEVONthink database and you own DEVONthink Pro or Pro Office you can use, for example, the Dashboard widgets or type some text somewhere and add them using the Services menu (shortcuts). Our forum user ‘acoyne’ has written a tiny AppleScript script that makes adding a quick text note also easy in case that you don’t want to open the Dashboard. Download the script applet or have a look at the...

Website now iPhone compatible

Just a quick note that our web site is now better compatible to Safari on the iPhone or the iPod touch. Due to memory limitations on these devices, the mobile edition of Safari has restrictions on the size of images which led to an incorrectly scaled background. It’s displaying correctly now. We won’t make a specialized iPhone variant though as this is no web app. We have an iPhone AJAX for DEVONthink Pro Office, though.

DEVONthink #1 in MacUp Review

DEVONthink Pro Office has been nominated as the winner of a comparison of popular notetaking and data collection applications in MACup, issue October 2008. … the possibility to import images and analyse them so that the contained text becomes searchable is handy and unique among the reviewed applications. … You can find issue 10/2008 of MACup magazine at your kiosk this month where the other German language IT titles are.