Tuesday Tip: Use the Comment field

If you want to add additional information to a document in DEVONthink, that’s what the Comment field is made for. You can find it in the info panel that opens with Tools > Show Info… or by pressing Command-Shift-I (we didn’t choose Command-I like in the Finder as this would collide with ‘make selected text italic’). Best of all: Comments are searchable. In DEVONthink’s toolbar search field choose ‘All’ or ‘Comment’ from the magnifying glass pop-up menu or select the same option in DEVONthink Pro (Offce)’s search window.

2 Responses to “Tuesday Tip: Use the Comment field”

  1. John Bastin says:

    The comment field does come in handy, but one thing I feel would be helpful is some kind of indicator when you’re reading the document, maybe a little flag in the header or the document list, that a comment exists. Then when I’m reading a document, I’ll be reminded that there is other information which may be pertinent.

  2. sjk says:

    “View > Columns > Comment” enables the Common column in views that support it. When it’s disabled a more subtle comment indicator would be useful, too.

    And, as previously request, I’d *really* like the Shift-Command-I “Tools > Show Info…” shortcut to close an open inspector-like Information pseudo-window instead of having to ensure it has focus before using Command-W to close it. Still puzzles me why it wasn’t originally implemented that way.