Tuesday Tip: Use the Objects Drawer

When you are looking for specific information on a web page, say email addresses, images, movies, Office documents, or downloadable files, DEVONagent’s Objects Drawer comes in handy. Open any web page in DEVONagent, from a search or directly using File > New Browser, and click the Objects Drawer icon in the toolbar of the browser window. In the opened drawer choose the type of information you want to extract, e.g., images, linked binary files, etc. DEVONagent immediately updates the list of found objects for the chosen type. Right-click any object to open it in a separate window, copy its link, or archive it in DEVONthink.

One Response to “Tuesday Tip: Use the Objects Drawer”

  1. Christophe says:

    DA, the fastest browser I have ever run and a handy search tool which work perfectly with DT and the OS services.
    Beyond the terrific features, some drawbacks: lack of European predefined search sets, complexity in the maintenance of additional plug-ins and a UI a bit “old school”.
    Hope the Devon team will have a look at this very nice app and will carry it to the 21st century… unless its main features may be embedded in a brand new product line.