Five things you could want for Christmas

It’s time to get ready for Santa Claus and there is so many “stuff” out there that people think we should buy. Personally I have no affection to consumption binge, but Christmas time is also a season where we have some more time to devote to the things we wanted to do all the rest of the year — including, maybe, updating our software library, organizing our workspace, and reading books. Here are five suggestions what you could put onto your wish list:

  • Zen To Done — The Simple Productivity E-Book
  • OmniFocus or Things — Getting Things Done the smart way, for your Mac and your iPhone
  • Moleskine notebook — Write down your ideas, make scribbles, and no battery to run out
  • Notebook backpack — Boost your creativity with some fresh air
  • Bike — Consumes less than your car, is good for your health, and gets you where you want

And if you think that I forgot something, just stay tuned 🙂

11 Responses to “Five things you could want for Christmas”

  1. Tommy Weir says:

    I just came across Zen To Done as well. I like the MIT idea (Most Important Thing) and integration of goals… something I found myself tending to do.

  2. PN says:

    In that case can we look forward to better integration between Devon and Omnigroup software?

  3. michael says:

    I must be the only one reading into this post the possible release of DT2.0. Biking to work (or even walking if you are lucky enough as I am) is great and moleskines are too, but all I really want for Weihnachten is the public release!

  4. David says:

    What you want for Xmas — fairly BEGS the answer: How about v 2.0 already? I don’t know when I’ve felt so utterly strung along…

  5. Eric says:

    @David: Please have another look at the very last line of my posting. Personally I value unobtrusiveness, at least from time to time. We have not left our schedule.

  6. Hoge says:

    > @David: Please have another look at the very last line of my posting. Personally I value unobtrusiveness, at least from time to time. We have not left our schedule.

    At last, this is the situation you guys had been created by yourself through the last 3 years.

    We users are not the insiders. We can only *infer* what’s going from your words. In the last 3 years, all the words you guys implied about the release date of 2.0 turned out to be false. You know you can release it before Christmas this year. Only what we can do is to trust your words. However,
    our experiences in the last three years is sufficient to prevent us from fully trusting your words.

    This time, you subjective probability that 2.0 is released before Christmas may be 100%. In order for us, users, to share the same subjective probability with you, we need to be sure that you are the guy who never breaks what you implied. But, our experience in the last three years eloquently tells us that the same thing may happen again.

    You may think that some of the users are getting paranoid. I agree. But, I bet that you can’t stop these obstructions until when 2.0 actually comes out of hiding in front of users waiting for it for about 3 years.

    In a word, I just can’t stop checking the blog and the forum every day to see if 2.0 is there!

  7. Eric says:

    @Hoge: We have talked about a future version of DEVONthink (2.0) when it was inappropriate because our own plans were unclear to us ourselves. Agreed. Early this year we posted a clear release date and we will not miss this date even if that means that we’ll need to postpone two or three promised improvements that we need to deliver within the public beta phase.

  8. Hoge says:


    I know I (and, probably, some users) am just getting crazy. Logically speaking, in a long history of DT, it doesn’t matter whether release of public beta delays a few weeks. I understand this logic but it cannot override my eagerness to use 2.0 as soon as possible just because the features of 2.0 seem so attractive!

    Sorry for bothering you again but I just wanted you guys not to simply try to shut up a buzz. Anyway, it will disappear immediately when we have a public beta on our Mac on christmas holidays. (alas, I still cannot escape from emotional and irrational wish.)

  9. Ryuji says:

    Hoge, I think you are totally reasonable and not crazy, although I see how it may appear that way to new users. The very first Mac software I bought was Devonthink and it was in 2005. Version 2.0 was already discussed on the public forum, but I thought version 1 was good enough and decided to buy it then. Since then, every day, I used DT and experience some of its weakness and problems I wish solved. Guess what, many of them were actually discussed in the V2.0 forum, as if they were carrots hang in front of my face. Since then, guess how I felt every day.

    Also, being a vocal user, I actively promote products I find useful to others in similar situation. I’ve recommended Devonthink to many, including the new 2.0 stories, but I stopped recommending Devonthink altogether, not because the product is not good, but when I realized my credibility is on the line when the product I talked about didn’t exist for years.

  10. Rick says:

    Small point (though the makers may not think so), but “Moleskine” has an “e” on the end, I believe.

  11. Eric says:

    @Rick: True. Thank you. Corrected.