Right in time for Xmas: DEVONthink and DEVONnote 2.0

DEVONthink Pro Office splash screenWe have promised that we would release DEVONthink 2.0 as a public beta before Christmas, and that is just what we have done today. All three editions of DEVONthink as well as DEVONnote are immediately available for downloading as 2.0 public beta. We have also updated all product pages as well as the feature comparison for all editions. Read yourself what’s new in DEVONthink 2.0 and DEVONnote 2.0 and have a look at our short news article, too. Finally, don’t forget to actually download the trial.

For registered users there will be free or paid upgrades depending on when the license was purchased (before July 1, 2008, or after). I will add the upgrade options to our web site later today and also send out upgrading information to everyone owning a DEVONthink or DEVONnote license by email.

Update: The upgrades page is now online and upgrade notices are being sent by email.

28 Responses to “Right in time for Xmas: DEVONthink and DEVONnote 2.0”

  1. Guillaume says:

    Great! Downloading and looking forward to try this!

  2. michael says:

    This makes me happy! I have already started exploring it and it looks great. The Sorter panel sitting on the corner of the desktop is brilliant.

  3. Ryan Briggs says:

    The tagging/folder system is outstanding, even in its current beta form. DTPO2 looks awesome.

  4. ; ) says:

    DT should hire a professional GUI designer. All the GUI (button icons, icons in the left bar panel, window GUI etc) doesn’t look like Modern Cocoa application…

    Where is the integration with Finder? Imported files are stored as it is but folder structure is not preserved… All the files saved in the folder X dispersed to the subfolder 0, 1, 2, 3….

    It is totally different from what had been promised three years ago.

    So, this is the outcome of waiting for three years… totally disappointing for those who heard what DT people promised three years ago…

  5. BGT says:

    Wow, right in time !
    Thanks, but we’ve to work to migrate all our datas from old version to the new one now.

    Un grand bravo à toute l’équipe !

  6. Rick says:

    If we install the new beta in the usual way (dragging to the Applications folder), won’t version 1 be deleted (because version 2 has exactly the same name)? I’d appreciate some clear warnings/guidance on this in the documentation downloaded!

  7. matt davis says:

    OK, this is good. But I can’t figure out how I do one important thing: take my 1.x GROUPS, and turn them into 2.x DATABASES.

    Now that I can actually put content in the Sorter, and/or have multiple databases open concurrently, I can do a better job of granulating my databases. But I don’t know how to pour the old wine into the new bottles.

  8. mbywater says:

    @ Mr Winky up there:

    Surely the whole point of DevonThink is that it does NOT replicate the Finder structure? Documents, notes etc are all Finder-accessible but while I might have notes on, say, Doctor Phibes all over my disk in various Phibes-related projects, in DevonThink they are all gathered in the Doctor Phibes group. Seems to me that from your point of view something like Leap or Punakea might be better, maybe. Or am I missing something?

  9. William H Hubbard says:

    I was pleased about the release and excited to try DEVONthink 2, BUT THEN I read that it requires OS 10.5! I do not remember that being mentioned in earlier blogs. That excludes me, and saddens me, for I do not see the necessity to leave out all earlier OS’s and by extension hardware that are a scant two years old.

  10. Eric says:

    @William: I am sorry, many functions of DEVONthink 2, like the Quicklook-based viewing of Office documents, heavily relies on Mac OS X 10.5.

  11. Khalid says:

    Great ..just in time ..I was going to post today that the the big 3 got their bail out today and we didn’t get DT 2 ! …good timing …now for the test drive !

  12. Eric says:

    @matt: Create new databases, then drag your groups over.

  13. […] DevonTechnologies has just released the beta version of DevonThink 2.0. And yes, this is likely the best thing I will get for the Holidays. Whether this says more about me and my geeky/scholarly loves, or about the people who will give me gifts I leave to you. (Actually my brother and I instituted a ban on gifts to anyone who was alive for the Ronald Reagan Presidency, instead we give stuff to charities . . . but I digress). At any rate, I am wonderfully excited about this release, for as much as I use Devon the interface was somewhat lacking and it needed to catch-up with the current informational trends (tagging). I am happy to say that the interface has much improved (it supports coverflow). Devon also says that the search functions have been improved. But, what interests me most about the new features is the side drawer which allows for easily adding information to multiple and separate databases. […]

  14. matt davis says:

    The drag part doesn’t seem to be working, although I may not have tried to drag to a separate window, so it may be an issue of the left-hand bar not being 100% yet.

    By the way, the new Sorter feature is very Maclike: I was able to figure out how to add new groups to it in about three seconds. It’s also made it so that getting things into your databases is at least as flexible as the previous leader in this area, Yojimbo.

    Nice stuff, all around. When the Global Inbox starts working, look out.

  15. Oliver says:

    Now it’s really christmas 😉

    Will test it in a testing environment and meanwhile will looking forward for the final release and my final migration…

    Thank You!

  16. Khalid says:

    Well…my DT 2 test drive will have to wait..after haggling all day with my Time Capsule and internet connection..it turns out that the problem is well..global..submarine cable between Europe , Middle East and Asia is severed!! my download times out..check out this story http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/7792688.stm

  17. Khalid says:

    Ouch ! Noticed in the first minute of barely step forward in implementing multiple databases . You cannot have all the groups of open data bases show up in the 2nd column. This is terrible : how can I drag and drop between open databases , how can I see all my files and folders in one outline of the open data bases ? Is there a drawer of all my databases (closed and open) or just find them in Folder and use open recent ? (No improvement here?) Does open databases has the a mere dvantage of loading multiple databases with no functional advantage except speed when compared to opening and closing folders in the previous version ? Am I missing something , after all this is the most advanced program in its category in the Mac ? As I said I had only two minutes time to get a glimpse.

  18. hcb says:

    Hmmm, will there be a “special bundle price” for DevonNote, DevonAgent and DevonThink Pro users?

  19. Khalid says:

    It turned out you can open simultaneous databases.. but a more functional and elegant solution is needed. check out my post in the user forum and others on this issue .

  20. Eric says:

    @hcb: What kind of bundle? We have no combo upgrade for DEVONnote plus DEVONthink Pro. You need to upgrade them one by one.

  21. Matthias says:

    Another application going to Leo only. I understand this for small one man shareware developers but not for software companies. You take yourself three(!) years time to develop and now require the newest OS.

  22. Eric says:

    @Matthias: We need to use functionality like QuickLook to display proprietary files such as Pages. There is no other way to do this and this functionality is simply not there on Mac OS X 10.4. Sorry.

  23. hcb says:

    @Eric: I know, that you don’t have a “Combo-Update”. But isn’t it a good idea to create one? 🙂

  24. s0nic says:

    @Eric: Why not making these Leopard-requiring-features optional, so that you can turn them on/off, depending on ehat OS-Version you use?

  25. Eric says:

    @s0nic: Because making them optional is not easy due to the various dependencies. Basically it makes the application way more complex and development more error-prone. And it keeps you from using advanced functionality. Compatibility to Mac OS X 10.4 is one of the reasons why we don’t yet have PDF annotations. Without backwards compatibility we can now safely add them.

  26. Eric says:

    @hcb: What kind of combo-upgrade? People are already totally confused with the upgrade options we have, so I guess adding even more cross/combo/down/mix-upgrade-dates would create even more confusion 🙂

  27. […] bedlam on our computers (hat tip). While we are talking about controlling bedlam on our computers, DEVONthink 2.0 is now available in public-beta. Lastly, here are ten medical myths, part I, part II (hat […]

  28. […] DevonTechnologies has meet free the beta edition of DevonThink 2.0. And yes, this is probable the prizewinning abstract I module intend for the Holidays. Whether this says more most me and my geeky/scholarly loves, or most the grouping who module provide me gifts I yield to you. (Actually my brother and I instituted a forbiddance on gifts to anyone who was aware for the Ronald President Presidency, instead we provide clog to charities . . . but I digress). At some rate, I am superbly agog most this release, for as such as I ingest county the programme was somewhat absent and it necessary to catch-up with the underway informational trends (tagging). I am bright to feature that the programme has such reinforced (it supports coverflow). county also says that the see functions hit been improved. But, what interests me most most the newborn features is the lateral artist which allows for easily adding aggregation to binary and removed databases. […]