Tuesday Tip: Use multiple windows

If you have opened multiple databases in DEVONthink Pro 2.0 public beta you can easily switch between them using the new sidebar. But if you want to move documents between databases this it not yet comfortably possible. The sidebar, which will allow you just this, is not fully functional in public beta 1 (but it will become functional in one of the next public betas).

However, you can easily open multiple windows in DEVONthink Pro and use each of them to view the groups and documents of one database. Use drag-and-drop to move selected items from one window to the other; when you move an item from one database to another it will be copied, not moved, similar to when you drag a file from one volume to another in the Finder.

Alternatively you can use the Groups panel (Tools > Show Groups) to access all groups of all open databases, e.g. for drag-and-drop.

5 Responses to “Tuesday Tip: Use multiple windows”

  1. Nigel Green says:

    Nice – I was looking forward to a beta with the function to move documents between databases, but this will do nicely! That lovely inbox in the sidebar working as a global inbox – now that will be awesome!

  2. Sam says:

    I am loving DTP2 so far. I am new to the software and have found it nothing short of life-changing. That being said, I am desperate for the ability to tag my data. When can we expect this to be implemented, and is there any chance you could post some of the details of the implementation so we can begin to prepare? I don’t want do a lot of work organizing my folder structure only to find out later that it doesn’t really jive with the tagging implementation.

  3. Frank says:

    I concur with Sam regarding the usefulness and surprising value DTPO2 has proven itself to have. I feel paralyzed, however, by the lack of clarify and information about the final design of v2.

    I will gladly invest the time to import the tens of thousands of documents I have and organize them properly but not without being sure something major won’t change. I know the development team is very busy and I applaud and appreciate your efforts but couldn’t we get just a bit more detail on the milestones and time plan?

  4. Eric says:

    @Sam, @Frank: The final implementation of tags will extend the design of the database but not make any work you put into it superfluous. We will publish new betas every three to four weeks with both bug fixes and new features. We have published information about the final feature set and we are working on its completion.

  5. Gary says:

    When does DevonThink 2.0 becomes non-beta?