Interim update with OCR improvements

Quick notice: We have just released an interim update to DEVONthink Pro Office 2.0 that brings a large number of improvements to the embedded text recognition that we did not want to hold back until public beta 4 because it fixes many known issues. Read the full news article here.

3 Responses to “Interim update with OCR improvements”

  1. John Chan says:

    ExactScan crashed right away upon launching.

    Running DTPO2pb3/2
    OSX 10.5.6
    2GHz Intel/2GB Macbook

  2. Brian Puccio says:

    Fantastic, thanks so much!

  3. Eric says:

    @John: This is a blog, not our bug tracker. Could you please send the bug report as well as the crash log from ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/ via ?