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Tuesday Tip: Read your news with DEVONthink Pro

DEVONthink Pro not only organizes all your knowledge, it also lets you get more of it. Add RSS, RDF, or Atom feeds to your databases (e.g. by drag-and-drop of a feed: URL or by creating a new feed via Data > New > Feed) where they appear like groups with an orange RSS icon. DEVONthink now adds new content from the Internet to the feeds every few minutes. Define the interval in DEVONthink’s Preferences, RSS tab, or update the feed manually using...

Public beta 4 now available

Just a quick note that we have just released DEVONthink and DEVONnote 2.0 public beta 4 with new features, improvements, and bug fixes. Please read more about the update here.

One hour for Earth

Global warming might not be easy to stop but if you want to send a personal signal that you care, consider joining Earth Hour and switch off your lights for one hour this Saturday to cast your vote. This project is supported by the United Nations, the European Union, the UEFA, the Olympic Commitee, and many more.

DEVONthink for teachers and photographers

Nils Raschke, a German high school biology teacher, writes a blog about all things teaching biology and more. Last week he published a nicely written piece about how he is trying to cope with the paper flood: Regardless how often you empty your inbox, you will always find new invitations or meeting minutes. […] The paperless office is still not in reach but this device — the Fujitsu ScanSnap — (and DevonThink) are now a fixed part of me organizing...

Our Privacy Policy

Dealing with privacy issues becomes more and more part of our daily lives the more web sites and businesses collect our personal information. We respect your privacy and handle the information you give to us with care. Please feel free to check our privacy policy directly on our web site.

Tuesday Tip: Use sheets for tabular data

DEVONthink Pro features its own document type for tabular data named ‘sheet’. Sheets resemble spreadsheets and can hold textual data organized in rows and columns. Create a new sheet with Data > New > Sheet, name it, and add some columns with Data > Sheet > New Column or Edit Columns. To add new rows, use Data > Sheet > New Record; alternatively you can use the contextual menu for all these operations, too. Rearrange columns by dragging their headers...

Steven Johnson writes about DEVONthink again

Steven Berlin Johnson is an avid advocate for DEVONthink. In another recent article in the Prospect magazine he wrote about copy-and-paste writing and using software as part of the creative process: The software [DEVONthink] also acts as a kind of connection machine, helping to supplement your own memory. The results have a certain chaotic brilliance. In my last book, for instance, while researching Joseph Priestley’s experiments with oxygen, Devonthink reminded me of a wonderful passage from Lynn Margulis’s book, Microcosmos,...

New Twitter account: @devontech

In the presumably hopeless attempt to separate between the official DEVONtechnologies news and my personal replies and comments I have just switched this blog’s auto-tweet function to our company’s corporate Twitter account. If you are following me but want to receive official news, too, please follow @devontech (and if you only want to read those, feel free to un-follow me, of course).

Web Tip: WBC’s DEVONthink Pro scripts

Wooden Brain Concepts have updated their script collection for DEVONthink Pro as well as the standalone application for archiving email from Microsoft Entourage, ThinkArch. The scripts integrate DEVONthink Pro with Entourage, Safari, and other applications as well as help find and kill duplicates and replicants.

Tuesday Tip: Export your data transparently

When you add your documents and clippings to DEVONthink, you’re never locked in. DEVONthink provides you with a variety of export options based on standard file formats, not obscure XML constructs or even proprietary file formats. Whatever you store in DEVONthink, you’ll get it out in exactly that format again. To export documents as standard files, select them in your DEVONthink database and select File > Export > As Files and Folders. DEVONthink recreates the group structure in your database...