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ScanSnaps Sighted in Our Shop

Many of you are already using a Fujitsu ScanSnap together with DEVONthink Pro Office. But if you don’t and you’re living in the United States, we have something for you: Starting today you can buy DEVONthink Pro Office bundled with the ScanSnap S300M or S1500M in our online shop as the ‘Paperless Office Bundle’. Read more about the new bundles here. Happy shopping!

Little America

This weekend I watched for the first time ever an American Football game, the Ludwigsburg Bulldogs vs. Albershausen Crusaders (regional top league). My daughter joined their cheerleaders team last year and she had her very first public appearance this Saturday. It was a hell lot of fun: great music, the cheerleaders performances, good barbecue, cheap (of course American) beer, and me trying to follow what goes on on the field — reading the basic rules of the game in Wikipedia on...

Tuesday Tip: QuickLook Droplet

DEVONthink 2.0 uses QuickLook to display almost any file type in its preview area, e.g. Pages or Mellel files, just as if it were able to render these files itself. But some of you do not use the views that show a preview and so they would like to show the QuickLook HUD (head-up display) instead. We may add this to a future version. In the meantime you could download Apple’s QuickLook Droplet example application. It opens a QuickLook HUD...

Happy Easter!

All of us here at DEVONtechnologies wish you a peaceful Easter weekend, wherever you are on this planet, whatever culture you’re part of, and whatever you believe in. Yours Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann & the DEVONtechnologies team PS: Our office will be closed April 13 through 17, 2009. Support will, of course, be available by email.

Tuesday Tip: Bookmarklet Shortcuts

If you are using our brand new ‘Clip to DEVONthink’ bookmarklet, you may find it useful to know that you can activate bookmarks in Safari’s bookmark bar with Command plus a number. So if ‘Clip to DEVONthink’ is your fourth bookmark from the left, you can activate it with Command-4. PS: Check out the new design of the ‘Clip to DEVONthink’ bookmarklet. We have also fixed a number of bugs and glitches. But you don’t need to update anything on...

New user portrait: Managing Director

We have added a new user portrait to our DEVONacademy: Hubert Eckart is the managing director of the German Theatre-Technical Association (DTHG). He uses DEVONthink Pro Office as well as DEVONagent for taming the data flood. If you want to know how he accomplishes this, click here.

Wednesday Tip: Improve the AI accuracy

DEVONthink is based from the ground up on artificial intelligence (AI). And like with natural intelligence the results it delivers is based on a variety of parameters. With DEVONhink 2.0 public beta 4 we have added more control over how the AI behaves. To improve the predictability of the AI results, open DEVONthink’s Preferences, General tab, and adjust the Mood slider from “Moody” to “Stable” (see the picture to the right). Choose the setting that best fits your needs.