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Tuesday Tip: Save directly to DEVONthink

Starting with public beta 5, DEVONthink offers the possibility to save any file from any application directly to the global inbox. No more saving to the Desktop and importing later. First make sure that this function is enabled. Choose Help > Install Add-Ons, check ‘Global Inbox in Save Dialogs’ and click ‘Install’. This inserts a shortcut to the global inbox into the Finder’s sidebar. To save a document to DEVONthink now, look for the ‘Inbox’ item in the sidebar of...

Productivity501 about the Paperless Office

This posting by Mark Shead on Productivity501 is a bit older but worth reading when you’re planning to go paperless: “Components of a Paperless Office“. You may want to replace the ScanSnap S500M with the current models S300M and S1500M, though 🙂

Tuesday Tip: Search Twitter with DEVONagent

Twitter is one of the most remarkable phenomenona on the Internet, a somewhat strange blend of blog and SMS creating a constant stream of information that can be best described as something between instant messaging, 70s-style citizens’ band radio, and, well, twittering. While many people think (with a reason) it’s a perfect way to waste time for people who have too much of it, it’s also a reasonably good source for real-time trends. And because DEVONagent is the smart (re)search assistant...

Bookmarklet updated

I’ve just posted an updated for the “Clip to DEVONthink” bookmarklet. The new version does not longer store the bookmarklet code together with the original page when you choose the “HTML” option. Attention: You need to update the bookmarklet in your browser for this to work. Delete your bookmarklet and drag it anew to your bookmarks bar from our Download Extras page.

Thursday Tip: Integrate with OmniFocus

While I spend the last two days rewriting the DEVONthink Dashboard widget (including adding a resize corner and the option to change the font), you, our great users, write the really cool stuff. DEVONthink Pro power user and forum member houthakker has created a number of scripts that integrate DEVONthink Pro with OmniFocus. OmniFocus is a task management based on David Allen’s Getting Things Done philosophy. You can already drag any document out of DEVONthink into a task’s comment area in...

France, WWDC, and a disappearing inbox

I am freshly back from our vacation in Vias, France, and I have already dived the email flood that awaited me. It’s also WWDC week which will hopefully give us more insight into some burning hot stuff around Mac OS X 10.6. Some users have also reported that, why o’ ever, their global inbox suddenly disappeared with the latest public beta of DEVONthink. If this also happened to you, here’s how you can fix it.