Tuesday Tip: Search Twitter with DEVONagent

Twitter LogoTwitter is one of the most remarkable phenomenona on the Internet, a somewhat strange blend of blog and SMS creating a constant stream of information that can be best described as something between instant messaging, 70s-style citizens’ band radio, and, well, twittering.

While many people think (with a reason) it’s a perfect way to waste time for people who have too much of it, it’s also a reasonably good source for real-time trends. And because DEVONagent is the smart (re)search assistant of choice, our power user Mark Grimes has written a plug-in that lets DEVONagent search the Twitter stream in real-time. Click here to visit Mark Grimes’ source code repository (on his Github page use the Download button to download the DEVONagent plug-in package). Thank you, Mark!

BTW: If you’re on Twitter, follow us @devontech or me personally @eboehnisch.