EasyFind and XMenu updated

Just a quick note that we have just updated our freeware apps EasyFind and XMenu. Personally I like especially XMenu’s new Snippets menu that allows me to store text snippets and URLs and quickly insert them into a new email message or any other text I am writing. Read more about the updates on our News page.

One Response to “EasyFind and XMenu updated”

  1. Christophe says:

    Thank you to the team for this update which is a quite good surprise for our global desktop workflow.
    However, I take this opportunity to mention again (see the DA troubleshooting forum) that the DA app is no longer compatible with the Safari 4 bookmarks format and this makes DA partly useless.
    The delivery of new free things is nice but, in my opinion, the fix of bugs which limit the use of paying apps should be considered as a higher priority.
    Hope I (we) will be heard.