We want to stop guessing

To improve our software and web offerings we will do a survey in our next newsletter later this week. It is important for us to learn more about how you use our software, what you like about it — and what you don’t like. It won’t take up more than a few minutes of your valuable time so we would feel honored if you could help us make our applications and web site offerings better!

If you are not a newsletter subscriber and you would like to take part, please subscribe to our free newsletter before Thursday.

7 Responses to “We want to stop guessing”

  1. Gordon says:

    This is a good idea. I remember when MORE was a top product for the Mac (1987-90). It began life as an outliner (follow-on to ThinkTank), but then they started emphasizing presentation features.

    I suspect that most of us had bought it for the outlining and note-taking capabilities, but these were neglected and the product languished.

    Now DT is my MORE replacement (I was still using it until recently), so a very robust note-taking and note/document management capability is definitely my main concern!

  2. Christophe says:

    I am a fan of DA and DTP and will gladly answer this survey. For time being and to reenforce Gordon’s feeling, I would also suggest to develop more the note-taking and the document-writing.
    Faced to the limits of these features in DTP, I moved to the very elegant and very well featured Scrivener which became my second repository, dedicated to my writing works and part of my materials while DTP keeps being the place where the rest of my materials reside.
    Scrivener is fully covering this part with rich writing features and only 3 views (document editing + ouliner + corkboard) whereas DTP provides me with many views… but partly useless and deranging.
    DTP is an excellent tool for collecting, organizing and searching but, in my opinion, it’s time to give it a new dimension, the one of the production and the one of the simplicity.
    Make the complexity more simple and move the Devon suite from the productivity to the production.

  3. Todd says:

    My top item, finish V2!

  4. Christophe says:

    I answered the survey. Had to save it tempOrarily. Then reloaded it and completed it.
    At the end, printed it and… it seems that some of my answers were not recorded. Especially the free answer to the question “What else would you like to tell us about… Devonthink?”.
    Hope this is just a bug of the printing feature of the survey.

  5. Christophe says:

    Quite sure the survey is bugged when when saving it more than once and coming back later. I read attentively my printed answers and lost some of them.
    I give up !

  6. Alan says:


    Just to let you know. I was half way through your survey, and had gotten to the point where you asked for thoughts.

    I typed in all my thoughts and checked them for accuracy again a running copy of Devon Think.

    I pressed the next button, and your survey said timed out. I was not away from the survey for any length of time and was typing into the box nearly the whole time.

    OF course you blew away all of my notes and all of the answers up to them.

    I am not going to attempt to re-think and re-type it all.

    Surveys that do this sort of thing leave a very frustrated feeling with the user who spent not an insignificant amount of time—for free to help a manufacturer who is charging for a product-just to make it better.


  7. Eric says:

    To all who got stuck in the survey: Sorry for that. We are using this survey software for the very first time and we have not developed it ourselves. It’s an open-source software widely used so we trusted it to be solid and working as expected. Anyway, thank you for your efforts to help us make our software better!