Connect DEVONthink with Instapaper

If you are using Instapaper to keep articles for offline reading you may like the ‘Add to Instapaper’ script for DEVONthink Pro, written by one of our power users. Click here to read about it in our user forum. Thank you, bartekb81.

3 Responses to “Connect DEVONthink with Instapaper”

  1. Felix says:

    And the other way? It is possible to auto-import all starred items from Instapaper? How to import items on a RSS Feed for offline searching – such as webarchives?

  2. Leslie says:

    Thank you! I was hoping for just such a thing.

  3. David Gibson says:

    Please look at how the fellow at came up with a script to have a slightly more structured version of a Web clipping. Perhaps someday, you could come up with something similar. For the time being, I am sticking to a regular web clip as I like some of the URLs that InstaPaper leaves out. Perhaps, you could persuade InstaPapaer to provide an option for this? Or perhaps come up with your own alternate script that does not require so much work on the non programmer’s part.
    The full description of what he did is at
    In the meantime, thank you very much for your web clipping feature.
    David Gibson
    Scribe with a Stylus.