Tuesday Tip: Use the Services Menu

The Services menu is one of the most underestimated features of Mac OS X. It provides useful commands that work from within almost any application on the Mac without hacking them (unlike, say, contextual menu items which run inside another application’s memory space and so can crash it). Both DEVONthink and DEVONagent provide useful commands which allow, e.g., to quickly clip selected text to your database, summarize text, or run a web search. In addition we provide useful Services menu plugins as freeware.

To learn more about the Services menu and how to use it, read Milind Alvares’ excellent article about it on Smoking Apples.

3 Responses to “Tuesday Tip: Use the Services Menu”

  1. David Schonbrunn says:

    I have Apple Mail context menu items for DevonThink Take Rich Note and Capture Web Archive, but no Capture Bookmark. I want to clip URLs from emails, to have equivalent functionality to the bookmarklet I use in my browser.

    I have had no luck searching your site for a service I can add to the OS to do this.

    My Apple Mail Services menu says No Services Apply.

    Can you please help?

    Many thanks!

  2. eboehnisch says:

    @ David: Just use the Take Rich Note command. It creates a bookmark from a selected URL.

  3. dinobib says:

    Using the Services Menu to provide support in other apps is great by I hope to have the Services Menu accessible in DevonThink and have acces so to all my services to run on selected files in DT.
    It seems the Services Menu see if a text is selected and on focus but doesn’t understand when it is a file that is selected and so don’t provide folder or file services to these. I hope this would be improve in updates of DT.