Web Tip: Using WordPress and DEVONthink together

If you are regularly writing for a blog, maybe even your own, then developing a writing habit is important to keep up the pace. And, the chance that you’re using WordPress is very high. Amy Cavender has written a short article about how she uses WordPress for writing and DEVONthink for archiving. She uses DEVONhink’s built-in AI to quickly find related items, connections, links.

DevonThink’s unique “see also” feature helps me make connections with other items in my database (journal articles, etc.) that I might not otherwise see. Tagging’s a great tool, but it requires me to see the possible connections. Sometimes I miss things.

Click here to read her article in full length.

One Response to “Web Tip: Using WordPress and DEVONthink together”

  1. Mike Arnzen says:

    VERY helpful post. Thank you! I also use Devon to archive my twitter posts, via the RSS feed updates… it’s really handy.