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Happy Thanksgiving …

… and, as it is a tradition in the USA we give you some great deals on Black Friday, tomorrow, November 27, 2009: Get DEVONthink, DEVONagent, and DEVONnote as well as all upgrades with 25 percent discount. If you want to go paperless or upgrade your license, tomorrow is the day! Click here to visit the Black Friday Deals page.

Snow Leopard Update for ScanSnap Manager

For everyone using a ScanSnap scanner with Snow Leopard: Fujitsu has just posted an upgrade for their ScanSnap Manager software. You can download it from the Fujitsu website.

DEVONthink and Snow Leopard’s (2)

Mac OS X 10.6.1 introduced a problem with new installations of DEVONthink Pro Office (see an earlier blog article here). We have fixed this for the next release but you can also work around it manually right away: Using the Finder, create the folder in your home > Library > Mail > Bundles. Quit Mail. In the Terminal (found in Applications > Utilities), type the following, then hit the Return key: defaults write EnableBundles -bool YES In DEVONthink Pro...