Tagging, new smart templates, and more

Today we have released public beta 8 of DEVONthink and DEVONnote 2.0. We have polished the user interface, made the installation dead-simple, added new smart templates and revised the older ones, reinvented the columns view, and — finally — added smart tagging. Read more about the release on our News page.

9 Responses to “Tagging, new smart templates, and more”

  1. Tim Lahey says:

    Great! Is there specific reasons for the OCR to be a separate download from the DT Pro Office app? I’m assuming we need to download it with each new version. I find that it takes a really long time to download, even for the machine specific install.

    On a plus note, I love DEVONthink (and DEVONagent) and DT is one of my most used apps. So, thanks for the great app!

    I’m looking forward to exploring the tagging interface.

  2. Mathew says:

    Bravo! This is a great improvement. About a year ago this was a “cute” program for me, and seldom used. Now it’s quickly becoming indispensable and used daily.

  3. When the checkbox for the FineReader OCR Resources isn’t checked upon statrup of a new version, there is no reason to download it again.

  4. Sergio Mora says:

    Amazing update, thank you! I’m very happy, I think you have answered almost all my questiosn with this release.

  5. Sergio Mora says:

    @Mathew: I think it was the contrary. It was not a “cute” program but an amazingly powerful one. But it wasn’t cute. It’s now when it is beggining to become cute.

  6. Marcus says:

    Nice, very nice. Great work.
    But one question: Will the “Module” “Global inbox in save dialogue” (in german “Globaler eingang in Sichern Dialog”) in the final version be added?

  7. Christophe says:

    Oh! Ah! Oh la la! At the end of the day, we got it.

    “Groups are tags and tags are groups”. Oh la la! Powerful.
    And the tags view differentiates them. And the tags with unread elements are signaled. Oh! Oh!
    And the global inbox got the tags. Ah! Ah!
    And a full handling of the states in the groups hierarchy. And the icons signaling replicants, duplicates, checks and comments. And the preference settings to drive their colourisation. Oh!
    And a brand new navigation in the column view. Ah!

    2 technical concerns, though. Argh!
    New from template > Adresses & dates > Adress card > permanent error “Variable theEmail is not defined”.
    New from template > Adresses & dates > iCal event > permanent error “Error type -25131 arised”.

    In a few words, great job! Thank you!

    And they say we’ll be able soon to sync over the Lan/Wan/Phone…
    Oh la la!

  8. Keene says:

    WhoooHooo! Awesome pb8 release! Now DTPO has become even more awesome. Christmas came early. Keep up the great work. Powerful stuff you are doing. All the best to you all in 2010. Looking forward to the rabbits you will be pulling out of your hats. The tools you create are indispensable for the Information Age.

  9. sjk says:


    FYI: I referred to your post here in my recent forum response:


    I was confused about ABBYY FineReader OCR (re)installation, too, because what will/won’t happen with the box (un)checked in the Install Add-ons window wasn’t (and still isn’t) obvious enough to me.