Take Control of DEVONthink 2

Take Control of Getting Started with DEVONthink 2We were often asked if we had a manual for DEVONthink and DEVONnote to complement the build-in documentation. So we talked to the people who should really know how to write good introductions: Take Control Ebooks. And today they have just released a brand new ebook created in partnership with us: Joe Kissell’s Take Control of Getting Started with DEVONthink 2 has the calm, thorough, and real-world advice you need to understand how DEVONthink can bring order to your information life. Click here to learn more about the ebook.

Oh, yes, and we have updated DEVONthink and DEVONnote to version 2.0.2. Definitely recommended as the update fixed a number of glitches and bugs. Click here.

6 Responses to “Take Control of DEVONthink 2”

  1. james says:

    Hi, I bought the ebook – where is the free screencast?


  2. Eric says:

    Have a look at the book. It’s in there.

  3. james says:

    Found it !

    Will there be more screencasts in due course?

  4. Eric says:

    We will add more screen casts to our web site but not within the next few weeks, I am afraid.

  5. Qtus says:

    Will there be another book from Joe about more advanced use of Devonthink?

  6. Eric says:

    It’s not planned yet but you never know … 🙂