DEVONtechnologies is Hiring!

Join Our TeamDEVONthink and DEVONagent are not our only applications we are working on. There is so much going on behind the scene, from iPhone and iPad apps to MobileMe-based synchronization and more (still) undisclosed developments. So the time has come to extend our team and go hiring.

If you are a Mac or iPhone/iPad (iOS) developer (or know one) looking to join a small, sympathetic team (means: us) where you can work from your home office on individual projects and high-end applications: give me a call (an email with your resumé, actually)!

One Response to “DEVONtechnologies is Hiring!”

  1. Melinda Stephan says:

    I’m certainly not a developer so I didn’t want to waste your time with a resume or application just yet, but I thought you might find some editing assistance helpful? Your product is incredibly useful, but the way the information is presented on your site doesn’t do the product justice. The DEVONthink website itself is very professional-looking, so cleaning up the site’s text could only help!

    I’m going to get back to my trial of DEVONthink Pro Office…I’m a grad student in English at Kent State University and we’re trying out your product for use in organizing information and resources for a collaborative research study. It looks wonderful so far!

    If you decide you’d like some editing assistance, please feel free to contact me at !

    Melinda Stephan