Clip to DEVONthink: Shortcut and Bugfix

We have updated the Clip to DEVONthink Safari extension (see here) to version 1.0.3 adding a configurable keyboard shortcut. We have fixed the bug, that the overlay was printed together with the page, too. If your copy doesn’t update automatically, you can download the new version from our Extras page.

17 Responses to “Clip to DEVONthink: Shortcut and Bugfix”

  1. Steve says:

    The original extension crippled Java in my Safari browser and I had to remove it. Does this update address that issue?


  2. Gerben Zaagsma says:

    Thanks for the very quick update with keyboard shortcut, works like a charm 🙂 !

  3. Christian says:

    Fine extension – but one thing, I don’t understand. If I save a page as webarchive via Safari, I get what I see even if the page is behind a password. It is simply archived. If I import it via the extension, the page reacts more like a bookmark. I get the login-page in Devon, not what I see in Safari 🙁

  4. Januz says:

    Thank you for the extension! One thing I would like would be more options for choosing the keyboard shortcut. In Mail I use Alt-Shift-d because cmd-Shift-d is used for other things and in other programs that´s true, too… So at least for me it would be great to choose between Shift, cmd and ALT as modifier keys…


  5. Jay says:

    Any updates on the iPad app?

  6. Eric says:

    @Christian: This is the usual behavior or web archives. They are “frozen” web content but they still access the web if possible to update themselves. Solution: Save the page as PDF.

  7. Konstantin says:

    Any news regarding iPad app?

  8. Eric says:

    We are working on it very hard, fixing last bugs. Please stay tuned.

  9. Christian says:

    It is simply the difference between webarchives saved via Safari into the inboxand via the plugin which is a bit puzzling ;-). The Safari webarchives do not show the password-page in Devon but what I saw and wanted to save into Devon. The plugin-versions simply show the password formular…

  10. eth says:

    kills Javascript somehow… went back to bookmarklet

  11. Eric says:

    Actually, the extension is, technically, almost identical to the bookmarklet. It us only loaded right when you load a page and not injected later.

  12. Eric says:

    @Christian: Ah, now. The difference is that when you save a web archive directly from within Safari, Safari knows the credentials and saves it as logged-in. When you use the plugin, it cannot save a web archive directly but forwards a request to DEVONthink and DEVONthink (!) saves the page. And DEVONthink was not logged in.

  13. Rob Rix says:

    @Steve, @eth: Can you describe what you meant by it “killing” JavaScript in a little more detail for me please? I’m hoping this has been addressed by some of my latest changes (which should be released shortly), but I wanted to double-check that I’m not missing something crucial here.

    Rob (hard-working extension developer (: )

  14. eth says:

    Rob, regarding the javascript bug: I don’t know how to track down the bug correctly/best usable for you, but the problem is for example that I can’t log in on javascript-login-driven webpages any more. Filling in the credentials is ok, but the “send” button does not work.

  15. Eric says:

    @edt: We should have fixes this problem with the next release.

  16. Eric says:

    Just a quick note that we have just published a bug fix release. Read more.

  17. eth says:

    thanks, works smooth & correct now!