Welcome, Michael and Rob!

Recently we had been looking for new developers to complement our team. — We have found them and both have joined our development team this week: Michael Papp from San Francisco, California, USA, and Rob Rix from London, Ontario, Canada. Michael is fully dedicated to iOS here at DEVONtechnologies and is already working on cleaning up the code of the iPhone/iPad project, that I have been working on in the recent months, fixing memory leaks and tweaking project parameters, in short: preparing it for release. Rob works mostly on the Mac side and his first priority will be to finish the synchronization plugin that Annard started. And, of course, there is much more that we have on our list … 🙂

Welcome, Michael and Rob!

One Response to “Welcome, Michael and Rob!”

  1. Welcome, indeed!

    I’m literally dying on the vine, waiting for the iPad version of DevonThink.

    Please keep pushing!