First Peek: DEVONthink To Go Product Page is Online

DEVONthink To Go

Two weeks ago we have sent beta 10 to our beta tester community. Today we have officially released the DEVONthink To Go product page with a feature list, screen shots, and a short Getting Started guide. The product page also reflects the most current development status (now: in quality assurance testing) and App Store review status as soon as we have submitted the app to Apple.

41 Responses to “First Peek: DEVONthink To Go Product Page is Online”

  1. Gameboy213 says:

    This can’t come soon enough!

  2. Luc Beaulieu says:

    Will iAnnotate be supported (in and out)?

  3. German says:

    iAnnotate is really important – but do not wait any longer, we really need Devonthink on iPad. Get it on.

  4. Christophe says:

    @ Eric
    On the product page you say “Create new notes or take a picture of important information and convert it to a searchable PDF*”
    Then you write “*) Requires DEVONthink Pro Office on the Mac for synchronizing with.”

    Why Devonthink Pro users could not be able to have an “on the go” note synced in PDF format with their desktop application?
    I can’t see any technical reason for that since DTP import “out of the box” many types of documents in PDF+Text format.
    I can not understand this discrimination between the 2 applications… and their users.
    Have no need to upgrade to Office and the absence of the “sync” feature with DTP is really a “show stopper”.
    Clarification needed, please!

  5. Eric says:

    @Christophe: For OCR you need DEVONthink Pro Office. For everything else any edition of DEVONthink or DEVONnote is sufficient.

  6. Konstantin says:

    Any chances we’ll see DTTG in App Store this month?

  7. Eric says:

    @Konstantin: Please read carefully. We will submit the app as soon as possible to Apple, but we have no influence on how long the review will take.

  8. Povl says:

    Since it will be the first DevonThink App, maybe it will take 2 weeks or more for acceptance, but DevonThink might be able to use their good reputation to skip the line. I would be happy if Apple gave priority to accepted developers.

    I am also waiting impatiently, even though there seems to be a flood of software updates demanding my money at the moment.

  9. Eric says:

    @Luc: iAnnotate PDF will be supported at least in, with some more work also out.

  10. Christophe says:


    I understand that when OCR is necessary DTPO is requirred but I am just wondering if I will be able to import into DTP in PDF (+text) format documents which I would have got “on the go” into my iPhone. Today, DTP does not need at all OCR to import PDF documents in a searchable PDF format. Therefore I do not understand your explanation on the product page.

  11. Eric says:

    @Christophe: If you have a PDF in, say, Mail, you can add it to DEVONthink To Go on the device and it will get synced as-is to the desktop.

  12. R. Barre says:

    Thank you for what must have been a lot of hard work to get this app ready for us. It will be indispensable to me. Quick question: will there be any way to secure my database on the iPhone or iPad? For instance, is there the option of password access? If not, I’d love to make a request for it, as I have a lot of sensitive data in my DT databases.

    Again, thanks so much.

  13. Eric says:

    @R. Barre: Yes, if you set a password for a database on the Mac, the database will honor this. See also the product page.

  14. Colin says:

    I’m so excited about this… I’m having trouble sleeping at night :o) Anyway, seriously though, this may sound like a stupid question, but is DEVONthink To Go a Universal application, i.e. one purchase of the app will run on iPhone, iPod, iPad etc?

    Also, many many thanks for developing this software. My DTPO2 datababsases basically hold my entire life (from birth certificate through to my last Gas bill). I can’t imagine life without it lol.

    Well Done Guys

  15. Eric says:

    See the product page. Yes, it’s universal.

  16. Christophe says:

    I keep being disappointed by the fact that PDF files will not be imported in DTP in PDF searchable format although DTP is able to do it “out of the box” and without OCR engine. This is really a major drawback in my opinion of DTP user.

    Anyway, the “quick start” of the DTTG product page mentions “Locate the ‘Sync’ group in the database”. I have not been able to locate it in none of my databases which are running on the most recent DTP version. Does it mean that new DT desktop versions will be shipped soon or does it mean the ‘Sync’ group shows up magically on context?

    Thank you!

  17. Eric says:

    Computer-generated PDFs are, of course, stored as they are, searchable, on the Mac. Only images that would need OCR require DEVONthink Pro Office for being converted to searchable PDFs.

  18. Eric says:

    The Sync group is inserted when you use DEVONthink 2.0.4 or later.

  19. Christophe says:

    Thank you Eric.

    The current DTP(O) version is 2.0.3 which means that you are about to ship a new 2.0.4 version, correct?

  20. Josh Leonard says:

    Will we be abler to import files (like .doc) files into DTTG that Devonthink can’t edit(from emails, for example)?

  21. Eric says:

    @Josh: Yes, DEVONthink To Go advertises itself as being able to import e.g. Word files.

  22. Eric says:

    @Christophe: It seems so, yes 😉

  23. Luc Beaulieu says:

    how goes the internal QA?

  24. Eagerman says:

    Is your QA thing going to last another 6 months or what? Sorry, that’s a little mean, but after 10 betas you shouldn’t need 3 or more RC…

  25. Luc Beaulieu says:

    Thanks for the update to RC3 in QA testing. looking forward to “submit to Apple Store”!

  26. JSMill says:

    Is it me or the previous comment just disappeared? Do you censor criticism?

  27. Eric says:

    No, we never censor. See our Business Principles. But we moderate manually to keep spam out of the blog.

  28. Eagerman says:

    It wasn’t a spam, but an ironic critic about your many betas and RCs. Never mind…

  29. Eric says:

    Do you mean your posting that I manually released earlier today? Rememver: it’s a saturday today. I am NOT in the offe 🙂

  30. Wonderment says:

    I would tend to agree with Eagerman’s first comment. It seems to be taking an unusually lengthy amount of time to release this long-promised and much anticipated piece of software.

  31. Eric says:

    We are a small team and we release only tested, high-quality software, never “banana software” (ripens at the customer’s home). And we cannot run public beta tests as iOS development does not allow that due to the provisioning paradigm. If we find a serious bug, like yesterday, we fix it before the release.

  32. Eck says:

    Personally, I am as impatient as many others to get my hands on DT To Go.
    On the other hand, Eric is quite right not to do a beta testing with version 1.0 as other app developers do quite happily (or obliviously?).
    We are using DT (Office Pro and soon the To Go version) in a professional environment and a ‘glitch’, whith an impact on the information stored within DT would not be acceptable.

  33. Nick says:

    Hi. Good to see DEVONthink To Go has been submitted to Apple for review. Just wondering what the typical wait is for the powers that be to convey the golden seal.

  34. Nick Putman says:


    Wondering if DT to Go will support creating highlights in RTF files, like in iAnnotate for PDFs, i.e. select highlight tool, drag over text, and hey presto, a highlight. would be a great feature if not already implemented.

  35. Eric says:

    @ Nick: No, but you can use iAnnotate for PDFs, for example.

  36. khw says:

    I have a large number of RTFD documents in my database. How will they be handled by DTTG? Will they be displayed with the text and images ‘unbundled’ as in DTPO?

  37. Eric says:

    DEVONthink To Go lets the iOS handle it. RTFD documents are displayed using the Safari engine (like most more complex file formats on iOS).

  38. Judi Smith says:

    WOW! This is like an early Christmas present. I am so glad DT decided to do this. Before I knew DT was going was going to make a mobile app, I began looking for replacements because I needed my workflow to be complete on the iPad. I had created a lot of integrated workflow with OmniFocus and DTP. Since OF was on the iPad but not DTP, I was looking at starting over. Nozbe and Evernote make a great combination, but were not quite what I needed. Now I can keep all of my favorite apps and my workflow in tact!

  39. Michael says:

    If you open the PDF in iannotate doesn’t that mean a new copy is created rather than the original? Then of course you end up with an unannotated copy file nicely in devonthink and the annotated copy unfiled in iannotate

  40. Eric says:

    @ Michael: A copy is created but you can edit it and send it back to DEVONthink To Go which will update its own copy.