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Devonian Masterpiece

The Devonian was not only the time when our ancestors crawled out of the water and onto the land. It was also the name-giver for our company — and presumably for Devon Works, a design company that has created the Tread 1 watch, a little electronic/mechanic masterpiece. Even when you don’t need a watch right now you should at least have a look at the great animation they show on their web site.

DEVONthink To Go is Available!

Apple is always good for a surprise. Last night Apple has finally approved and released DEVONthink To Go to the App Store. Our app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch is available now for US $14.99 worldwide. Champagne!!! Click here or the icon to the right to visit the DEVONthink To Go page on the App Store.

Tuesday Tip: Publish a Bento Table with DEVONthink

A cool tip from our forum user khw (Thank you!): FileMaker Bento 3 has no ‘export to web’ capability, which can be a source of frustration for users who wish to publish their databases on the web. A simple workaround using DEVONthink: Export the Bento database in CSV format to DEVONthink’s global Inbox, which creates a sheet containing the data in the Inbox. Select the file in the inbox and choose Convert to HTML from the contextual or main menu....

Web Tip: Perfect Your Digital Document Filing System

On FastCompany, tech blogger Gina Trapani talks about how to build a good digital document filing systems and which tools to use. For the Mac she also mentions DEVONthink. Scanning your stacks of paper to digital documents is a huge project, and you want to make sure all that information will be as easy to find on your hard drive as it is in your filing cabinet. In this week’s episode of Work Smart, packrat Ed Imbier asks how he...

Steven Johnson: ‘Eureka moments are very, very rare’

Science writer Steven Berlin Johnson has been a DEVONthink user for many years now. This week he was interviewed by The Guardian and also mentioned DEVONthink as his creativity tool: I can put a quote in and ask it to show me things that are related to this – which is literally a way of exploring the adjacent possible. … Half the time it’ll suggest something completely irrelevant, but amid that noise there’s always some crazy little new connection that...

DEVONthink To Go Resubmitted

Over the weekend we have fixed the … problem of the two popovers appearing simultaneously on screen and also made the info screen appear inside the document list popover in portrait mode on the iPad. We hope that this satisfies Apple’s concerns with the user interface and that they do not find other problems that they have not informed us of in the first round. We have just submitted the updated binary and will keep you updated on any change.

DEVONthink To Go, 2nd Try

I promised to keep you updated on any change in the review status of DEVONthink To Go. Yesterday our submission was rejected by Apple because in a very rare case two pop-up windows could appear at the same time. Nobody would ever step into this except for by accident but seems to be against the interface guidelines. We are preparing a general fix for this issue and will resubmit as quickly as possible. More soon on this channel.

How Howard Rheingold uses DEVONthink

Howard Rheingold posted a great little screencast about how he uses DEVONthink and other tools for his research via Twitter: hrheingold: How I use Twitter, search, Diigo Delicious, DEVONthink, Scrivener to find, refine, organize information –> knowledge Click here to view his screencast. And I definitely recommend following Howard on Twitter!

Waiting at the Airport

While DEVONthink To Go is still ‘waiting for review’, we are using the time for our annual gathering, when the most of the team comes together from all over the world to talk about our plans for the forthcoming months. And as usual, the flights from North America to Europe are delayed. Thank god the sun is shining and the San Francisco Coffee Company at the Stuttgart Airport has great coffee, chocolate muffins, cold water, and free WiFi. Our head...

Tool Tip: Add a Tag Cloud to DEVONthink Pro

The German software manufactory Soma-Zone has recently released Ammonite, a stand-alone third-party addition to DEVONthink Pro (and Pro Office, of course) that shows a tag cloud for any open database in a floating panel. From their web site: Ammonite visualizes the tags used in a database and finds documents by including or excluding them from your search. Tags applied to many documents will appear larger then tags applied to a few documents. This helps you to drill down on the...