DEVONthink To Go is Available!

Champaign!Apple is always good for a surprise. Last night Apple has finally approved and released DEVONthink To Go to the App Store. Our app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch is available now for US $14.99 worldwide. Champagne!!!

Click here or the icon to the right to visit the DEVONthink To Go page on the App Store.

35 Responses to “DEVONthink To Go is Available!”

  1. Thierry LE BOHEC says:

    Cool !

    It’s THE app I wanted, now I can buy an iPad…

    And thank’s to all your team, DEVONthink is the app I’m living in.

  2. Jochen says:

    I am already playing with this great app.
    Thanks so much for making this possible!
    It was worth all this long wait 😉

  3. Nick Putman says:

    well done to everyone at DEVONthink for getting this together and to everyone else for staying sane in this tricky time….

  4. Alexandra says:

    I think I missed something… cannot locate a “sync” group in my database…

  5. Eric says:

    @ Alexandra: Every database created with DEVONthink 2.0.5 or later (or opened with it) should show a “Sync” database with a blue icon.

  6. Graham says:

    Wonderful news! Of course it’s 7:11 in the morning and I’m at work with my iPad left at home for the day so I won’t see it for another ten hours but I’ll be paying and downloading as soon as I get home!!


  7. nomad says:

    I have the same problem as Alexandra, there is no sync group in DevonThinkPro 2.0.5. See the forum thread here

  8. Eric says:

    @ nomad: Have you tried to create a new database? Does it the the Sync group there?

  9. GF says:

    Omg! It’s here, on my iPad, I can’t believe it 😀 Thank you, thank you, thank you… 🙂

    Btw, the french version of the start page is (very) wrong :

    (is => should be)

    – Merci bien pour acheté => Merci d’avoir acheté

    – sera conservez => saura conserver

    – tellement utilisable que => tellement ???
    if you mean “convenient” you should use “tellement plus pratique que”, and if you mean “well done” you should use “tellement mieux conçu que”.

    – la plupart de ses fonctionnalités devrait être assez explicite => just say “DevonThink To Go est simple d’utilisation”, meaning “DTTGO is easy to use”.

    – à partir Mac à votre appareil => à partir du Mac vers votre appareil,
    (comma after “appareil”)

    – foire aux questions => Foire Aux Questions (or, better : FAQ).

    – cliquez ici pour lire le guide ‘Mise en route’ => cliquez ici pour consulter le guide de mise en route

    Hope that help

  10. Torsten says:

    This ist great. The first 2GB are on my iPhone 🙂 … And the best: It works!
    Thanks a lot. Greetings. Torsten

  11. Benoit says:

    Thank’s thank’s thank’s……………

  12. Benoit says:

    … a great day !

    Just a suggestion for a future release :
    the possibility to swipe in PDF documents 😉

    thank’s again !

  13. Gameboy213 says:

    Excellent. Downloaded.

  14. Luc Beaulieu says:


    I agree with GF, please do the change he suggested for the french version of the start page, it is simply horrible…


  15. Christophe says:

    Off the subject starts.

    Have been running the French version of DA 2.5beta10 and there are many wrong translations here as well… but this is a beta. Hopefully should be fixed when one talks about the release candidate.
    Should the DT team need some help, let us know.

    Off the subject ends.

  16. Sascha says:


    Synced for the first time, everything went well. Then made some changed in DevonThink on the Mac, synced, changed are not reflected on the iPad. Moved item out of the global inbox to a group on the Mac, synced, moved item does not show up in the group on the iPad, but stays in iPads global inbox. Sync again, item in global inbox is synced back to the Mac’s global inbox.

    Nice try. But try again.

  17. Michael says:

    I’m delighted to have the app. But I’m not enthralled with the pdf functionality. It works fine for small files, but larger pdf’s open glacially, if at all. I don’t think it’s my iPad: the same size files pop right up in iBooks or GoodReader.

    I know this is a 1.0 release, so I hope we’ll see some speed improvements!

  18. Kwan says:

    Do the search results have a button to ‘see also’ like the desktop client does?

  19. Torsten says:

    Now i did some tests and then DTPO 2.0.5 crashed while syncing. DTPO needs a lot of RAM and while syncing DTPO needs more and more RAM. In my case DTPO need at the begin ca. 135 MB RAM and at the end more than 500 MB RAM. My MacBookPro3,5 17″ has 4GB RAM and a 1TB HDD inside.

  20. Ronny says:

    Instant download for the iPad!

    Haven’t used it with DTP yet, but did try it with DEVONnote this morning, and once I worked out I had to move all groups (to be sync’d) into the Sync group, sync’d across fine. Loving it so far. Brilliant!

  21. Lothar says:

    Congrats, great work!

  22. Eric says:

    @ Kwan: No, the iOS edition does not feature the AI of its Mac sibling due to the limited processing power of the devices.

  23. Eric says:

    @ Sascha: Please email to support (at); blog comments are not the best channel for support enquiries.

  24. Eric says:

    A much improved PDF viewer is planned for a 1.x release.

  25. Khalid says:

    DTTG syncs tags ..great!!! Multiple Tag search needed plz! Then We come circumvent the iPad limitation on Openmeta tags by importing all tagged files to DT on Mac and then syncing them to iPad! This will be great incentive to put all files in DT and putting the ‘closed until export’ DT OM Tagging system to good use. This alone can bring new customers who want use their tagged files in iPad. Eric this already planned for next update? Thanks.

  26. Eric says:

    @ Khalid: We have many plans for DEVONthink To Go 🙂

  27. Valen says:

    I have this problem: there is no sync group in DevonThinkPro 2.0.5. See the forum thread here

  28. Hugo says:

    Congratulations guys, I love it!

  29. Peter says:

    when will it be available outside the US?????

  30. Eric says:

    DEVONthink To Go is available on the App Store world-wide.

  31. Peter says:

    thx for reading the comments, and indeed it is now — however earlier today I got an error stating it is not available. Might just have been a matter of waiting a couple of hours 😉

  32. Willem says:

    Synced a 300 MB database (mostly PDF, txt, rtf, safari archives) and works fine when browsing it. But app crashes often after searches.

  33. Willem says:

    To add to my previous message: DTTG running on iPad. crash happens after trying to return from search to browse mode. I.e. Search -> fine. Look at results of search -> fine. Tap Home -> crashes, or tap top left to go back one level in document tree -> crashes.

    Still, this first version is great progress and a quantum leap in productivity for the iPad.

    Looking forward to bug fixes.

  34. Jochen says:

    I have the same crashes after a search like Willem but expect this will be done with the next update.

    Actually I am very happy with the app which allows me to take all my databases with me and use them wherever I want.
    This is a big step and the center of my work for me.

    Please keep us informed about your future plans and also a roadmap when we can expect these updates and bugfixes.

    My biggest wish is to be able to use a single database stored in Dropbox from my Mac and my Ipad without having to sync anymore.
    So all dates would be actual at every time on every device – a dream!