Steven Johnson: ‘Eureka moments are very, very rare’

Science writer Steven Berlin Johnson has been a DEVONthink user for many years now. This week he was interviewed by The Guardian and also mentioned DEVONthink as his creativity tool:

I can put a quote in and ask it to show me things that are related to this – which is literally a way of exploring the adjacent possible. … Half the time it’ll suggest something completely irrelevant, but amid that noise there’s always some crazy little new connection that I hadn’t thought of.”

Read the full article or have a look at Steven’s new book Where Good Ideas Come From.

2 Responses to “Steven Johnson: ‘Eureka moments are very, very rare’”

  1. cidiel says:

    so i read about your product in the book, but no windows version? doesn’t do me much good since i work on windows machine all day long(and no i cant change that). any chance you are going to make a windows version

  2. Eric says:

    Unfortunately no, we are afraid. Not anytime soon. Sorry.