Tool Tip: Add a Tag Cloud to DEVONthink Pro

The German software manufactory Soma-Zone has recently released Ammonite, a stand-alone third-party addition to DEVONthink Pro (and Pro Office, of course) that shows a tag cloud for any open database in a floating panel. From their web site:

Ammonite visualizes the tags used in a database and finds documents by including or excluding them from your search. Tags applied to many documents will appear larger then tags applied to a few documents. This helps you to drill down on the information you are looking for. You can limit the tags being displayed with the tag filter field in real time.

Read more on the Soma-Zone web site.

Thank you, Robby, for this cool piece of software!

Disclaimer: DEVONtechnologies is neither responsible for the operational reliability nor the overall quality of Ammonite, so download and use at your own risk.

12 Responses to “Tool Tip: Add a Tag Cloud to DEVONthink Pro”

  1. Rick says:

    This looks like it ought to be really cool, but I couldn’t work out how to get from the exceedingly narrow cloud of tags to the wider floating window shown in the Ammonite help. In addition, clicking on a tag set off an interminable “Scanning…” message with no tangible results. If anyone has worked out how this works I’d love to hear.

  2. michael says:

    Very cool! Acquire Ammonite and find a way to pack it into the Sorter/Note tray.

  3. Christian says:

    Basicly a great tool! But with large databases and lots of tags scanning takes too long each time you search. If Ammonite scanned once and remembered the tags until forced by the user to scan a gain – or maybe scanning each time the programme is started – it would be fine. With my 18 GB database scanning takes 20 seconds 🙁

  4. Eric says:

    Christian, please feel free to send these comments to the makers of Ammonite so that they know. They may or may not read this comment thread.

  5. Robby says:

    Hi! I’m Robby, developer at soma-zone.

    Thank you all for evaluating Ammonite.

    @Rick: Please contact me via our support site (see below).

    @michael: I’m glad you like it. And this is just the beginning… 🙂

    @Christian: Caching looks like the way to go. Expect it implemented soon. But first I’d like to make Ammonite stable and bug free.

    @Eric: Thanks a lot for posting this. You helped me big time to promote Ammonite.

    Please post problems with/suggestions for Ammonite at

  6. Khalid says:

    This would be a great software if it could bridge the closed tagging of DT and the rest of tagged files using ex Tag or Yep. It would allow tags to be used for universal search, but obviously since tags in DT can only be searched universally once exported which forces a two track search procedure . A tag cloud + universal search is needed

  7. Adrian says:

    Unfortunately is very slow when the database is huge. I think the system should scan the tags only when the user require or at lis at begining of the process. Now is not so prectical. I prefer to use devonthink normal research method.

  8. Rick says:

    Thanks for responding here to all the comments, Robby. I’ll be in touch via the support site.

  9. Stefan Green says:

    How do I install Ammonite on my MacBookPro?

  10. Robby says:

    @Stefan: Just unpack the archive you downloaded by double-clicking on it, then move the resulting any place you want (probably your /Applications folder) and start it from there.

  11. Stefan Green says:

    @Robby: Thank you!

  12. Ralf says:

    Pretty old news but you still have to use Ammonite to get great Tag filter capabilities.

    But when will this feature be integrated into DEVONthink? It’s a pain to filter a Group by Tag currently. Unfortunately the Tag list is not reduced, so that it shows only the Tags that make sense to be additionally selected to the first Tag, to furthermore filter the Data.