Waiting at the Airport

While DEVONthink To Go is still ‘waiting for review’, we are using the time for our annual gathering, when the most of the team comes together from all over the world to talk about our plans for the forthcoming months. And as usual, the flights from North America to Europe are delayed. Thank god the sun is shining and the San Francisco Coffee Company at the Stuttgart Airport has great coffee, chocolate muffins, cold water, and free WiFi.

Our head office will be closed until next Monday for our meeting but sales and user support will be maintained though somewhat slower than usual.

8 Responses to “Waiting at the Airport”

  1. Gameboy213 says:

    Waiting for review!

    Come on Apple!

  2. Josh Leonard says:

    Are you guys going to “push the button” as soon as it is approved?

  3. Khalid says:

    so is DTTG going to be reviewed after another dozen versions of tetris and Pacman (or should it be Pacperson)to be politically correct

  4. S.G. says:

    I’d appreciate knowing more about the app. For example, how do you handle fonts on the Mac that aren’t on IOS devices? And if you edit something synced to an IOS device, what happens to the font when it’s synced back to the Mac?

  5. Eric says:

    @ Josh: Well, yes, of course 🙂

    @ S.G.: If you talk about RTF documents: We display them using the Safari Engine, the only way to display RTF at all on the device. We do not synchronize fonts.

  6. Francois Leloup says:

    Viel spaß in Schwaben 😉

  7. Emiel says:

    What happened to Jobs saying all apps are approved in 4 days …. -:)

  8. […] After many weeks of waiting through the App Store approval process, DEVONThink To Go is here. The app is a companion for DEVONnote and the many different versions of DEVONthink. The desktop applications are Mac only for now. […]