Artificial intelligence at work

We’re working with high-class artificial intelligence (AI) technology now for quite a while and still it sometimes manages to surprise us with exciting results. In our recent tests with DEVONagent it came up with the following really cool topic map:

Topics map returned by DEVONagent for "Jane Ellen Harrison"

We ran an experimental search with a new plugin and received 9 results.¬†DEVONagent gave us the above map for the topic ‘France’. All results were references to books, though, and so returned a lot of data for DEVONagent’s AI to work with.

2 Responses to “Artificial intelligence at work”

  1. Arie van der Ent says:

    What was the search question?

  2. Eric says:

    Choose the ‘’ plugin and let it search for ‘”Jane Ellen Harrison”‘ with
    *de*activated Similar Pages filter.