Champagne, garçon — DEVONnote in the Mac App Store

Some of you may have already asked whether DEVONtechnologies will make DEVONthink & Co. available on the new Mac App Store. We won’t — we already have now!

Apple had really given us a hard time. You all love our applications for their sophisticated functionality. Apple does not always, especially not when we are using functionality that Apple has not yet made publicly available to developers. But, here we are: DEVONnote has been approved tonight by Apple and is available for US $24.99 in the Productivity category on the App Store!

Click here to get DEVONnote from the Mac App Store

And, if that wouldn’t be enough: If you purchase DEVONnote from the Mac App Store you will also be able to upgrade to higher editions for the regular upgrade price by using the Application > Check Upgrade Options menu command from within the app. One-click purchase and installation but all options for upgrading for a reduced price. Champagne, garçon!

One Response to “Champagne, garçon — DEVONnote in the Mac App Store”

  1. Brian Parker says:

    Hi Guys,

    I’m glad to see you are getting Apple to recognise the value of your excellent software but much as I love DevonThink (in my case ProOffice, it’s indispensible) I am only popping the champagne when there is a way of transferring my significant investment in your software over to the app store for no charge, or at least a really nominal charge. The app store makes things very easy once you are in it but for those of us who have invested in software before the introduction of the app store it raises some conumdrums. Until then I’ll be watching developments with interest.

    Best Wishes,