Tuesday Tip: Import your Pinboard bookmarks

After Yahoo!’s announcement to sell del.icio.us quite a few people were looking for a safer home for their bookmarks. And found Pinboard. If you are among them you may like the following script by Rafael Bugajewski which imports your Pinboard bookmarks into DEVONthink. Click here to download the script.

3 Responses to “Tuesday Tip: Import your Pinboard bookmarks”

  1. Rafael says:

    Thanks for mentioning the script.

  2. The script seems not to be working? It says 503 Service unavailable each time I try…

  3. Rafael says:

    Hi Alex,

    can you please download the latest version from http://bugajewski.de/2011/04/import-pinboard-bookmarks-v2/ and contact me via email (rafael [at] juicycocktail [dot] com) if it still doesn’t work.