EasyFind and XMenu updated

Today we have updated EasyFind to version 4.7.2 and XMenu to 1.9.3. We have added minor new functions, e.g. the possibility to drag search results with modifier keys pressed to the Finder to move, copy, or alias them. EasyFind also copes better with encodings and shows its name in Services menu entries. XMenu can be added to the startup items from its preferences, now, too. Click here to download the new versions.

3 Responses to “EasyFind and XMenu updated”

  1. Zeljko says:

    Link description for EasyFind should be changed to “EasyFind 4.7.3”. Thank you for developing and maintaining your freeware collection.

  2. Zeljko says:

    It’s only now that I see that the error is not in the version no. of the link description, but in the text of the blog post.

  3. Eric says:

    Oops, changed 🙂