Tuesday Tip: Save as PDF to DEVONthink To Go

If you are using your iPad a lot and want to save any web page to PDF and save it to DEVONthink To Go, you might want to have a look at Save2PDF. A tip from our forum user whshep:

With Save2PDF, I can get most of that work done without leaving the iPad. I choose “Print” in Mobile Safari, which saves the web page as a PDF and opens it in Save2PDF. I can then rename it (if necessary), choose “Open In” to get it into DEVONthink To Go, and sync it to desktop DEVONthink.

Thank you for this cool tip! Click here to learn more about Save2PDF or click here to comment in our forum.


8 Responses to “Tuesday Tip: Save as PDF to DEVONthink To Go”

  1. Arno Wouters says:

    Just to be sure: does Save2PDF really works from within *Safari* in the way described?

    I have PrintBureau from the same developer (EuroSmartz), which is supposed to combine the key features of all Eurosmartz’ printing apps. ‘Create pdf from webpages’ is on the feature list of both Save2PDF and PrintBureau. However, PrintBureau offers the described functionality only from its own browser. So, when I am in Safari I have to copy the url, switch to PrintBureau and paste the url there before I can create a pdf.

    After reading the above message I tried whether PrintBureau would create PDFs in the way described but it doesn’t. When I select ‘Print’ in Safari I get the message ‘No printer enabled’.

    I am interested in buying Save2PDF if it really would enable me to create pdfs directly from Safari as described, but of course, I don’t want to spend money for functionality I already have.

  2. Eric says:

    @Arno: Please contact the makers of Safe2PDF to learn more about how their software actually works.

  3. Arno Wouters says:

    Eric, thanks for the suggestion to contact Eurosmartz, which I did.

    Within 10 minutes I received the following answer: “This App has been modified due to compliance changes for Apple’s guidelines and printing from other Apps had to be removed.”

    In other words: it is no longer possible to use Save2PDF (or PrintBureau) to save a pdf from Safari’s Print Menu.

    The Web page printing help (for Save2{DF and PrintBureau is at http://mobile.eurosmartz.com/help.html#webprint1

  4. Eric says:

    @Arno: Oh well, it’s not the only feature that are not possible due to Apple’s rules. We have just disabled the upgrade options from DEVONthink (Mac App Store) to get it onto the digital shelves.

  5. Robert Jaffe says:

    Found a bookmarklet which enabled saving a webpage directly to DTTG (using atomic browser) but when I tried a secure banking site for printing a confirmation of a transaction, it repeatedly crashed DTTG. Any bookmarklets or workarounds for this? Thanks! Robert

  6. Eric says:

    The bookmarklet can only send the address of the page to DEVONthink To Go. And that is not logged into you bank site. But it should not crash. Could you please send the address to our support? (http://www.devontechnologies.com/redirect.php?id=contact)

  7. Simon says:

    Has anybody looked at this recently? Would be such a boon to take PDFs of web pages and import them into DTTG. The app store claims prog was last updated Nov 11 and the blurb says this is exactly what it does. Obviously don’t want to spring for it unless it does.

  8. Adam says:

    Has anyone found a solution to this?

    I tried the bookmarklet posted here (http://www.sandgrounder.net/WP/?p=1403), but I can’t get it to work. I do have an app that converts a URL into PDF, but it’s a lot of copy/paste work..