Problems with DEVONthink To Go? We need you!

In the recent one and a half months Jon, our new iOS developer, has worked himself through the code of DEVONthink To Go and fixed a number of nasty bugs making both the application and the sync more robust. In the coming months he will also replace the current sync code with a totally rewritten library (that e.g. will support MobileMe and Dropbox) as well as introduce new features such as file renaming, deleting, and moving on the device, better PDF support, and more.

We are now looking explicitly for users of DEVONthink To Go who have problems with either the app itself, the sync, or the feature set that keeps them from using it on a regular bases.

If you like the idea of DEVONthink To Go, you have severe problems, and you would like to assist us fix them and improve the app with your feedback, please email me.

17 Responses to “Problems with DEVONthink To Go? We need you!”

  1. Carl Schulz says:

    I am planning on tightly integrating DT to Go in my workflow but have been hampered by problems. I will be glad to work with you to improve the product.

    Carl Schulz

  2. Narcissus says:

    Having support for smart groups from the desktop client would be a complete godsend!

  3. Christian says:

    It just does not work. My Mac and my iPad are definitely on the same network (there is just one) an when I select the Sync icon on DEVONthink To Go it asks me to select a Mac on the local network but does not show me any computer.
    The only option I can select is to reset my settings.
    No computer displayed -> no sync -> no use!

    Any help out there?

  4. eboehnisch says:

    Have you tried on a different network? Does your router do packet filtering? Does your router support Bonjour? And finally: please contact our support via our contact form. Blog comments are hardly a good place for a support question-answer-thread.

  5. Ahmad Salih says:

    on my mac I received the following message:
    Devonthink TO GO bonjour service could not be initialized.

    can you please help me.

  6. eboehnisch says:

    Blog comments are not really good for user support. Could you please send us an email using the contact form? Thank you!

  7. Barry du Toit says:

    Devonthink to go has been working fine up to now. for some reason it stopped syncing. i reset DTTG in the setting menu and restarted DTTG.
    i have aslo switched my mac and ipad to a different wifi router.
    i still can not sync and in the process have last all the devonthink data on the ipad

  8. eboehnisch says:

    @Barry: Have you tried to create an ad-hoc Wi-Fi network from your Mac’s Wi-Fi menu bar icon and connect to that network from your iPad? This bypasses the router. Does that work?

  9. Lawrence says:

    your suggestion of creating an ad-hoc wifi network did work for me. But it was not something that was clear at all from the instructions on devonthink to go. My guess is that you could easily reduce confusion, increase the ability to sync, and make people happier by having a simple set of instructions in devonthink to go to achieve this.

  10. eboehnisch says:

    @Lawrence: This should never be the standard procedure. It’s just for testing where the problem is. Now we know it’s your router that blocks the traffic. I would advise to check your router’s settings for “packet filtering” or other security techniques that can effectively block “unknown” traffic (like the data we use for synchronizing on the local network).

    DEVONthink To Go 2 will, like DEVONthink for Mac, use HTTP packets which should pass even picky routers more reliably.

  11. José Ghio says:

    The mobile versión does not permit view or preview the e mails saved, function that the Mac versión does really god, palease try to fix this, Im using the versión 2.


  12. José Ghio says:

    Sorry , usar of versión 1.2

  13. volkerc says:

    DevonThink To Go worked fine in my network. Now it does not sync any more – I did not change anything in the network. What shall I do? I am using the actual versions of Devon Think Pro Office and DTTG.

  14. eboehnisch says:

    @ volkerc: Have you tried to restart all your devices (Mac, iOS device, router)? Sometimes a new software version causes the firewall to close its doors.

  15. volkerc says:

    @eboehnisch: I just restarted everything – does not help at all. DTTG does not see any Mac -the ipad itself does!

  16. volkerc says:

    @eboehnisch: Did find the problem: I use the airport extreme for wireless. The iPad was in the 5GHz range, the mac via ethernet connected – changing the iPad back to the slower 2,4GHz net did make it work. This was not necessary in the past.

  17. eboehnisch says:

    @ volkerc: I am glad that you were able to find the issue. That’s why debugging networking issues that have nothing to do with the application itself is so hard.