Tuesday Tip: Run a quick search from any app

The latest beta of DEVONagent introduces a new menu added to the right-hand side of the menu bar. Using this menu extra you can run quick searches directly from within any other app on your Mac and view the results right there in the menu, just like when using Spotlight.

Use the magnifying glass pop-up menu to chance the used plugin or search set or recall recently used searches. Point to any results for longer than a second to make a popover appear with more details about the found page (available starting with the next beta).

5 Responses to “Tuesday Tip: Run a quick search from any app”

  1. Christophe says:

    This extra menu does not behave at all as you describe.

    1° There is no way to have permanently the menu in the menu bar without launching DA application (even when DA preferences are set up to have the menu available at the startup time of the OS).
    2° When starting a search from the menu bar, the results are listed in DA results tab and not right there in the menu.
    3° In addition, whatever the way DA preferences (Menu Extra > Open results) are set up (default Web browser or DevonAgent), the results are always opening in DA browser.

    We are much far from what you say. DevonAgent 3.0pb3

  2. Eric says:

    1. Add DEVONagent to your login items.
    2. Change this in the Preferences > Menu Extra.
    3. This might be a bug. Please test this again with the next beta.

  3. Christophe says:

    1 and 2: that’s what I already did. Read attentively what I say in my initial post. It does not work as expected.

    3: that’s what I will do. This is indeed a bug.

    Just test it by yourself and you should notice that none of these promised features are working the way your announcement makes it believe.

  4. Eric says:

    Re. 1: Right, now I see what you mean. That is a restriction in beta 3.

    Re. 2: Turn the little arrow button. That will be gone in beta 4.

  5. Christophe says:

    Re Re. 2: “Turn the little arrow button”. Got it now.

    Looking forward to getting beta 4 and the improvements it should bring.

    Thank you!